More than 45 selected for All-State ensembles



All-State Band and All-State Orchestra is the highest honor a Georgia music student can receive, and this year a total of 31 band students and 16 orchestra students from Fayette’s middle and high schools have earned membership into the state’s most elite music ensembles.

Students are required to pass two rigorous auditions before they are selected as members of the All-State Band or All-State Orchestra. The ensembles will perform March 2-4 at The Classic Center in Athens.

The middle school All-State Orchestra members are Irene Kwon, principal
viola, J.C. Booth Middle; Anna Nam, cello, J.C. Booth Middle; and Richard Wang, cello, Rising Starr Middle.

High school full orchestra members are Kylie I. Dickinson, first violin, McIntosh High; Yuheon Lee, cello, McIntosh High; Jesse N. Perry, bass, McIntosh High; Kevin Kerner, second violin, McIntosh High; Melina M. Le, cello, McIntosh High; and Sei Ko, cello, McIntosh High.

High school string orchestra members are Jennifer H. Deng, first violin, McIntosh High; Lydia Nam, second violin, McIntosh High; Skyler Bugg, viola, Sandy Creek High; Mashu Takeda, first violin, McIntosh High; Laurence Craig Davis, first violin, Whitewater High; Caroline Cameron, viola, McIntosh High; and Marianne Richter, viola, McIntosh High.
Middle school All-State Band members are Zoe Fitzgerald, flute; Bennett’s Mill Middle; Amy Buckalew, flute, J.C. Booth Middle; Jaskaran Chawla, baritone, Rising Starr Middle; Dylan Greene, percussion, Bennett’s Mill Middle; Sarah Park, clarinet, J.C. Booth Middle; and Amy Kim, clarinet, J.C. Booth Middle.

High school All-State Concert Band members are Ruby Truscott, oboe, Fayette County High; Triniti Rives, clarinet, Fayette County High; Levi Boos, alto saxophone, Whitewater High; Edward Huang, trumpet, Whitewater High; and Erick Benitez-Ramos, French horn, Fayette County High.

High school All-State Symphonic Band members are Claudia Wahoski, flute, Starr’s Mill High; Natalie Hung, flute, McIntosh High; Maddy Hammond, oboe, Starr’s Mill High; Morgan Myers, oboe, Starr’s Mill High; Megan Castaneda, clarinet, Whitewater High; Derek Hornberger, trombone, Fayette County High; Zachary Leinberger, baritone, Fayette County High; Errol Rhoden, tuba, Fayette County High; Abby Knox, flute, McIntosh High; Jocelyn Gao, flute, Starr’s Mill High; Makenzie Hill, oboe, Whitewater High; Steven Lukehart, trumpet, McIntosh High; Matthew Brown, baritone, Whitewater High; and Todd Perry, tuba, Whitewater High.

High school All-State Orchestra (band) members are Spencer Hodge, French horn, Sandy Creek High; Daniel Chapadeau, perussion, Whitewater High; Andrew Rhone, bassoon, Fayette County High; Alisha Zamore, clarinet, McIntosh High; Killian Vidourek, French horn, Sandy Creek High; and Michael Dehan, percussion, McIntosh High.