I pretty much have never made New Year’s Resolutions, enough situations throughout the year will require my attention without worrying about saying I would or would not do something and regret otherwise.

I am amazed, though, at the people that I have always felt who have been around forever, only to find out I’m older than they are. RE: Carol Burnett, Dame Maggie Smith (I adore her), Sophia Loren, and Bridget Bardot. I was so sure they were older than me!

Our mail person can’t seem to find a proper time to deliver our mail. Sometimes they come at 2:30 p.m, 5 p.m. and as late as 7:15 p.m. This goes on weekly, summer or winter. I live in a senior neighborhood and most cannot get out and down steps in the dark so when it’s delivered in the winter after dark, and that’s pretty often, they can’t get their mail until the next day. Hopefully the post office will make a New Year’s resolution to do better.

The phone books that come out in October this year combined Fayette and Coweta counties. This made it rather unwieldy for us old folks to handle. Not to mention so many Fayette numbers were left out. My own church, which has been in the county since 1829, is not in it anywhere I can find – as well as other other numbers I’ve tried to find. Hopefully this will have been straightened out by this October.

A month ago there was an article in the paper about someone who was given an award for doing two things for the county, that in fact, I am the one who brought those things about. Am I ticked? No, just confused – especially since I can prove it.

Since 20 percent of Fayette County’s population is in the class of senior citizens, I hope the businesses in the county make a New Year Resolution to add more disabled parking spots. If they do it must be done by Federal regulations – just painting a blue sign with a white wheel chair on it is just one third of its requirements. If there are curbs, they must be cut out and a blue sign on a pole must be fashioned in front of the parking spot. Otherwise they are not “legal” and anyone can park there, blue and white paint job on the ground notwithstanding.

I thoroughly enjoy watching the two Hallmark stations with their love and mystery stories. Most of them I have seen at least three and four times each, but to my amazement I saw one this week I’ve never seen before. It’s so nice there is a program on that does not involve guns, people being slapped around, or language you really don’t want to hear.

I will be going to a wedding in three weeks that famed law expert, Nancy Grace, will probably be at. Her husband and my son graduated from Fayette County High School together. She has written some mystery type books that are very good. Hallmark made one of them into a movie on one of their programs a couple months ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to take a couple of books to the wedding for her to sign, but since my son is the one taking me there, I better forget thinking about it.

If you have an idea to help make Fayette County a better place, pursue it wholeheartedly until it happens. And if someone later takes the credit for it – just remember, there is one person who knows the truth, and that is God and He’s proud of you.