Important papers


When you’re 83 years old, you begin to realize you need to have your affairs in order. Even though your two children were raised in Fayette County, they now live thousands of miles away and need to find your legal papers in your house in a jiffy, one day.

I wanted to be sure my life insurance policy was still in good force, and called a county agent with that particular company. When he realized he would be spending several hours with me and not making any money from it, he got quite rude.

Persevering in my endeavor, I called the company in New York, who contacted an agent in a nearby county, who was only too happy to look into everything first, then make an appointment and came for a visit, with all the information I needed all ready at hand.

My dad purchased 6 burial lots in my hometown of Akron, Ohio, back in the 1930’s, three in front and three just behind them. My mom and dad are buried in the front ones and I will be buried in that third one beside them.

Now, getting me there from Fayette County could involve a few dollars. However, in this conversation with my daughter, who has nearly 20 years with Delta Airlines, she explained, “Mom, you get to fly free, whether dead or alive.” Isn’t this comforting? So let’s hope my demise comes when she’s still employed there.

In any event, I feel better that knowing no matter what type of situation arises, I have an insurance policy that will take care of the matter. So thank you to this agent who is more concerned with an old lady’s concerns than a fellow agent.

A local attorney long ago wrote my will, and although I have to traverse behind a walker, I am in good physical health otherwise.

I do not have high this or low that, nor a bunch of pills. My mind is still pretty sharp and I look forward to staying on top of those county interests I have had here for the past decades.

It has been my esteemed pleasure to have volunteered in many facets in Fayette County in the past 50 years and I shall continue to do so.

Why am I saying this? It’s a forewarning to a few who have moved here in recent years and have found themselves in combat with me. I’m not dead yet!