Spillway funds get green light


Funding for the beginning phases of work on the Lake Peachtree spillway were approved April 21 by the Peachtree City Council. The council approved $300,000 for design and engineering work.

City Manager Jon Rorie received approval to spend nearly $300,000 to cover the schematic phase, design work, contract document development and bidding and contractor selection for the spillway.

Coming later, said Rorie, will be an estimated cost of $230,00 for construction administration and project closeout costs.

The big ticket item will be the spillway itself. The spillway and the previous costs of more than $500,000 will run $3-3.2 million.

Per a November 2015 intergovernmental agreement with Fayette County, the county will provide $2 million to bring the Lake Peachtree spillway to Category 1 status and will credit the city $1 million for future dredging.

Rorie said the city will need to make up the difference on the spillway project.

The design phase will include deciding on one of four potential spillway options.

Rorie said the potential plan calls for construction to begin in September 2017 with a substantial completion by May 2018.

Fayette County will cover approximately two-thirds of the cost of the $3 million spillway project.