I may be an octogenarian, or at least I think that’s correct, but I have questions. When I am asked a question, I usually have the answer and if I don’t I’ll find it out.

Too often these days, when you ask a question, you get another question for the answer.

Why aren’t there any dating services for octogenarians? Of course it could be because we can’t drive any more.

Why doesn’t anti-aging cream really work? It doesn’t seem to matter how much you spend for it, it doesn’t work.

I really miss hanging out my sheets to dry. Of course, I can’t raise my arms up high enough any more to throw them over a line. Then, of course, there’s the point that some residential areas, and I’m in one, don’t allow clothes lines. Remember though, the comforting moments of crawling into bed with fresh sheets just off the clothes line? There’s nothing that equals that delicious smell.

I don’t understand in the last three years or so, why television producers have been telling its female announcers to wear a dress or top that was two sizes too small. I especially feel sorry for those ladies who now have their “D” cup size exposed.

One very important thing I can’t understand is why every United States citizen, at least those over the age of 18, does not know the correct way to hang the American flag. Coming in to a room and seeing it hung incorrectly makes my temper flare. OK, I know I have a short temper anyway, but folks pay attention.

The blue field ALWAYS goes on the upper LEFT HAND corner. It doesn’t matter whether its hung horizontal or vertically, the blue field is always at the upper left hand corner.

And speaking of flags, I also don’t understand people wearing our treasured flag in some form of clothing.

My last question for this week is why the Fayetteville Post Office, a federal building, for heaven’s sake, does not correctly identify two new disabled parking places. In order to be legal, the state says you have to put up a vertical blue sign in front of each spot, and the United State government says if there is a curb, it has to be cut away. As it it, anyone can park there and not be given a ticket. When I questioned this I was told the person ordering the two new blue painted squares didn’t know what I was talking about. I suggest they find out and go by the disabled parking rules of both the state of Georgia and the United States federal government.