When I moved from northern Ohio 57 years ago, I had head colds and a little congestion for several straight years.

Finally the doctor decided I must be allergic to something in Georgia, and set up an appointment with an allergist in Atlanta.

He failed to tell me what all was involved in determining what I might be allergic to.

When I got to the allergist’ office, they too, failed to let me know just what would be happening. After stripping down to the waist, nurses came in with tray after tray of needles. There were 80 needles in all.

Then they began using each one in rows across my back. I don’t need to tell you I couldn’t handle what was happening. After 40 of them, I went over the edge, so to speak.

That meant I would have to come back at another time and get the other 40 shots. They were not happy.

Well, neither was I.

After completion of this project, it seems I was allergic to all the trees and shrubs I was not raised around, plus a few food allergies I never knew I had. I have avoided those foods ever since. I had to take specific shots every week. The serum was kept in a refrigerator at Dr. F. A. Sams office, which was certainly convenient.

After 10 straight years of these shots, and yes, I was suffering a whole lot less by then, his office was broken into and the thieves took everything I guess they thought was drug related. His office decided not to keep my serum on property any more, and I had to keep it at home and bring it each week.

Fortunately it was not much longer until my system rebelled at so many years of this stuff entering it. I don’t remember how we knew this, but I finally got to stop the weekly shots.

This left me out there in whatever Georgia allergy seasons came along and for the last 47 years I have sneezed all year long.

The sneezes keep coming one after another and if you’re around me during one of them, do not worry. I am not contagious, so please just bear with me.

I get the impression that if the daily pollen count is under 100 there’s no need to be concerned. The higher it gets folks with asthma, sinusitis, or food allergies need to be concerned. In the last few years it has gotten up over a 5,000 pollen count. If you are able to on those days, just stay inside with doors and windows closed.

Well, fellow sufferers, looking ahead this year is going to be touchy for us. El Nino will once again play a part – evidently it’s going to be rainy in the South this year, so get out those tissues.