Religious persecution in history


A request first: does someone have a copy of the photo of the 1926 Fayette County High School Class? I know Varney Graves is in it, and I think Dorothy Redwine is also. My phone number is in the book.

I’m not sure why various religions of the world have been persecuted throughout history.

I wouldn’t have wanted to admit I was a Christian in the 300 years after Christ as born. Many ended up in lion dens to amuse the Romans. It was the year 325 before they were left alone. Well, for awhile, anyway. In the mid 1500’s Christians were persecuted by other Christians during the Protestant Reformation.

Persecution of Jews is a recurring phenomenon throughout history. No need here to remember what occurred in the Holocaust during World War II. Also included here are the Gypsies who have always been looked at with suspicion since they arrived in Europe about the year 400 from India.

The Crusades in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries found Christians in England and Europe decided the Muslims and Mongols who were occupying the Holy City of Jerusalem had go.

Persecuting Muslims is also a recurring phenomenon throughout history. This can include even those who are perceived as Muslims.

Throughout history there have been misconceptions and various kinds of radicalization among all the major religions. Certainly none more than today. The major religious faiths teach kindness, devotion, thoughtfulness, care for your families and never forgetting to thank God for looking after us.

There is no need to question any of this, to try to second guess God, or for men to distort what God has decreed and to physically harm anyone who does not agree with their distortion.

A fact has come to light as I researched for this article: there are 2.4 billion Christians in the world and 80 percent of all religious persecutions are directed against Christians.

We have Christians, Jews and Muslims here in Fayette County and each faith has its own worship center. We work together, sometimes share worship services with each other and enjoy each other’s fellowship. Let’s each pray that there is not even one person here in our faiths who feels otherwise.