F’ville extends 16-inch water line to new college campus


It is yet another sign of the volume of work unfolding in West Fayetteville. Work has been completed on a 16-inch water line extending along Veterans Parkway from the Pinewood Atlanta Studios area to the campus of Georgia Military College (GMC).

Fayette County Administrator Steve Rapson last month said the $730,190 project is the subject of an intergovernmental agreement between Fayette County, GMC and Halbert Development.

Rapson said the 16-inch water line will run from the area of Pinewood Atlanta Studios along Veterans Parkway near Sandy Creek Road and extend to the south past South Sandy Creek Road and on to the GMC campus that is expected to open later this summer.

An analysis showed that GMC would require an 8-inch line, though it was considered a better move for future development in the West Fayetteville area to install a 16-inch line, Rapson said.

The cost to GMC and Halbert, the developers, would have been $291,660 to run the required 8-inch line since developers must pay for their capacity, Rapson said.

But looking to the future, to safety issues and needed water system redundancy, Rapson said the county decided instead to lay a 16-inch line which can serve both sides of Veterans Parkway and the area beyond the GMC campus.

That decision added $438,530 to the cost. Or, as Rapson said, it saved the county $291,660 in future expenses. He said the reason is because piggybacking off the GMC/Halbert project means that the county with the 16-inch line will be able to serve both sides of Veterans Parkway down to Ga. Highway 54 without running another line through that area in the future.

Beyond that, the large water line will provide a safety feature in that it will provide for a secondary loop and needed redundancy for the area, including for Piedmont Fayette Hospital, said Rapson.