Dixon finishes in top 10 at state competition


Safety is a school bus driver’s number one priority, and many of these dedicated professionals reaffirm this commitment to students, their parents, and the community they serve by putting their skills to the test at competitive safety events.

Fayette school bus drivers Sherry Harris and Michael Dixon demonstrated their knowledge and skill in front of other drivers from throughout Georgia at the annual State Safety Competition in Perry last month.

Dixon placed in the top 10 at the competition, securing 10th place. Dixon and Harris represented Fayette at the 2013 state competition where Dixon also placed 10th and Harris took first place.

Drivers advance to the state level of competition by taking first or second place in their local school system’s safety contest. Harris placed first, and Dixon second, when Fayette held its competition in the spring.

Safety competitions consist of obstacle courses that test a driver’s ability to maneuver a school bus through various driving challenges, and a written examination.