Fairburn woman arrest in 2014 Senoia identity theft case


A Fairburn woman was arrested Feb. 12 on identity theft charges stemming from warrants taken by Senoia police.

Angel Turnbough, 23, was charged with identity theft on an outstanding warrant, according to Senoia Det. Jason Ercole, who said Turnbough was arrested by Coweta County Sheriff’s deputies.

Ercole said the investigation began in February 2014 when a Senoia resident alleged to be a victim of identity theft.

“The victim stated that an employee that they had supervised created an email address with the victim’s name and information and used the email account to communicate with other professionals in the healthcare industry and made it appear as though it was the victim making said communication,” Ercole said.

 Ercole said Turnbough was an employee at Fayette-Piedmont Hospital and was seeking employment with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital in Newnan but was afraid that her supervisor would not give her a favorable recommendation.

“So when she applied at CTCA and when the on-line application asked for her current supervisor’s contact information, Ms. Turnbough entered an email address with her supervisor’s name that she created herself,” said Ercole. ”When CTCA received her application, they sent an email to the address provided by Ms. Turnbough, who they thought was her supervisor, asking (the supervisor) to complete an on-line questionnaire about Ms. Turnbough. However, it was Ms. Turnbough who received the questionnaire and responded to it because it was sent to the email account she created to make it appear that it was her supervisor’s.”

Ercole said that it was after Turnbough replied to the questionnaire that the CTCA vetting service noticed that both the application completed by Turnbough and the questionnaire came from the same IP address.

“This immediately sent a red flag to the vetting service who then contacted Fayette-Piedmont, who then confirmed that Ms. Turnbough’s supervisor did not have such an email address,” Ercole explained. ”Fayette-Piedmont then conducted an internal investigation during which Ms. Turnbough confessed to the scheme. Ms. Turnbough was terminated immediately.”

 Ercole said Senoia investigators at the conclusion of the criminal investigation provided their findings to the Coweta County Magistrate’s Office who determined that there was enough probable cause to charge Turnbough with identity theft.