New scholarship established at university


A new scholarship has been established at the University of West Georgia. Dr. Ramona Teal and Dewey Everette Teal have established the Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Teal Scholarship to be awarded annually to a graduate of Carrollton’s Mount Zion High School.

The couple generously contributed to the University of West Georgia in memory of the life and legacy of Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Teal. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a graduate of Mt. Zion High School and is renewable as long as a 2.5 grade point average is maintained, according to the Univ. of West Georgia.

L.E. Teal was born in Heard County, Georgia in 1896, and his wife Jimmie Lee Windom Teal was born in Mt. Zion Georgia in 1903. Beginning in the late 1930s, they lived and farmed in the Mt. Zion community, cultivating not only the land, but also their children’s future.

Each of their children received post-secondary education after high school. Some signed up for business courses and became secretaries. Others attended then-West Georgia College. Several continued beyond that and received graduate degrees in pharmacy, business administration, and psychology.

“Our students really appreciate a helping hand,” said Senior Associate Director of Development Nichole Fannin. “A lot of them work very hard and have to cross over some heavy hurdles to get their education. The students from Mt. Zion are going to have a wonderful opportunity that you’re going to help them achieve their dreams.”

All of it can be traced back to a hardworking farmer and his equally persevering wife in rural Georgia, the university said.

“They were wonderful people,” Dr. Teal concluded. “We just want to honor them for their lives well lived with an emphasis on education.”