EPA forecast: More lies


There was a cute, accurate cartoon in The Citizen (2-3 Nov. 2013) which got some people’s noses out of joint. In frame #1, A man is watching a TV screen which proclaims: “New Climate Study: Disaster in a Generation!” The man’s significant other (from another room) asks: “What’s the long-term forecast?”

“Scorching heat in 2060.”

Frame #2: The man’s significant other follows up with: “I mean for this weekend.” Man: “Who knows?”

Cute! And, it gently skewers the man-made, EPA, junk science hysteria which predicted doom and gloom global cooling in the 1970s, then changed to doom and gloom global warming. and now has changed to doom and gloom climate change.

Most of the hysteria involves global changing emissions like CO2, methane, CFC, and now … water vapor!

I’ve had dealing with EPA “scientists” and EPA bureaucRATS since 1975. Every time, every time, I’ve been lied to.

Example: In 1988 I attended a Global Warming talk by EPA Environmental Science Ph.D. Dr. Cory Berish at Southface on Moreland Avenue.

Berish was quickly flipping through his audio/visual presentation when he got to a graph which showed “Direct correlation between percentage CO2 in atmosphere and temperature for the past 100,000 years.” Berish quickly went to the next slide.

“Dr. Berish,” I asked. “Would you go back to the CO2/temp graph?” Berish did as requested.

I studied his EPA generated graph. “Dr. Berish, I see no direct correlation between percentage CO2 in atmosphere and temperature. Sometime the CO levels are high; but, the temps are low. Sometimes the CO2 levels are low and the temp levels are low and vice-versa.”

Berish studied his EPA-generated graphs which he’d been using for hundreds of presentations. “Hmmmm?” said Berish. “We’re going to have to change this graph.” And then calmly continues his presentation to a now very skeptical group.

During Q&A: I ask Berish: “Where is the EPA is getting their bizarre global warming numbers for CO2, methane and CFCs which do not match anything I learned in high school and Georgia Tech physical chemistry class.”

“Our EPA scientists,” answered Berish.

“Could you give me their names, institutions and methodology?” I ask.

“Top secret,” answers Berish. (Google “ClimateGate.”)

Nuff sed.

Bill Bryan
Peachtree City, Ga.