Suspects in jail for stealing $50K in mailed checks from outside drop box of Fayetteville Post Office


Law enforcement officials announced two arrests resulting from an investigation into serious illegal activities regarding mail service.

A July 30 statement from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office revealed that a joint effort between the road patrol and criminal investigation divisions led to the arrest of Christopher Smith, 37, and John Turner, 30, both of Atlanta.

Authorities determined in June that mail was being stolen from the large blue postal box outside and in front of the Fayetteville post office. The ensuing investigation revealed that the thieves were seeking financial instruments that could be altered for personal deposits or trades.

Citing “multiple sources of intelligence,” investigators were able to confirm how the thefts were taking place and make the arrests. Smith and Turner were found with 211 pieces of stolen mail, including 151 personal checks which officials said were valued at $49,382.38.

Both men face felony charges of possession of stolen mail along with charges of identity fraud, exploitation of elderly persons, and theft by taking.

An FCSO spokesman told The Citizen before the statement was released that Sheriff Barry Babb felt it important to address the issue of stolen mail because his office has received so many complaints recently. This was reiterated when the statement was released.

“Since Jan. 1, 2023, we have received over 100 reports from Fayette County residents regarding stolen mail, which has led to multiple arrests,” according to a post on the FCSO social media accounts. “Our investigators are working diligently to stop these thefts in order to protect your identity and your bank accounts.”

Another arrest listed on the Fayette County Jail log is that of William Morton, 30, of Atlanta. He was charged with 23 counts of financial identity fraud. Officials did not say specifically that he was connected to the mail thefts.

In an unrelated case, a routine traffic stop in north Fayette County resulted in the arrest of a local woman on charges related to a domestic incident six months earlier.

The Fayette County Jail log noted that Nelsonya Blunt, 47, of Fayetteville was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and acts, aggravated assault, cruelty to children and obstruction of an officer.

Deputies answered a call the morning of Jan. 30 at a residence on Stillbrook Way in Fayetteville. It was dispatched as a domestic disturbance call with weapons, according to a spokesman for the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were able to determine that a verbal altercation had taken place between Blunt and her daughter, during which time she allegedly threatened her with a knife and threatened to kill her. It was also determined that a four-year-old was present during the incident. Blunt left the scene before law enforcement arrived, an official said.

Fast-forward to July 29 at around 9:54 p.m. when a deputy made a traffic stop on Hwy. 279 near Hwy. 314. It was a minor violation, as the driver of the vehicle was cited for a registration issue.

But the passenger was identified as Blunt, for which the FSCO had obtained warrants six months earlier on the charges listed relating to the domestic call. This became apparent to the deputy when he ran her identification, and she was arrested at the scene.


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