Jonesboro woman arrested for threat to hospital security; woman charged with knifing roommate


A Jonesboro woman is in Fayette County Jail after an incident at Piedmont Fayette Hospital that involved serious threats to hospital security.

According to reports, the suspect was a patient who had completed her treatment and was asked Aug. 7 by hospital officials to leave the premises. The cause of the hospital visit was not revealed.

The suspect got into an altercation with security officers and said at some point that she would be back to kill one of them, a Fayetteville Police Department spokesman stated. A hospital security officer revealed that he was in fear for his safety due to this incident.

Natahjah Anderson, 17, of Jonesboro was charged with a felony count of terroristic threats and acts as well as a lesser charge of battery.

An unrelated dispute resulted in another woman in jail on a felony charge. Police were dispatched Aug. 8 to a residence on Rabbit’s Run, where two female roommates had an altercation in which one of them cut the other one with a knife. Bridget Rhea, 55, of Fayetteville was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Elsewhere in Fayetteville, an alleged thief was nabbed in the Fayette Pavilion complex. According to reports, police got a call Aug. 8 from Home Depot personnel in reference to a suspicious person on the premises. The suspect was stopped elsewhere in the retail complex.

Store officials proved that she did actually steal merchandise. Lakeshia Daniel, 40, of Riverdale was arrested and charged with theft by receiving, forgery in the fourth degree, driving with suspended license, and a fire lane violation.

Fayetteville police are investigating a possible abuse case involving a juvenile. A report indicates that a student at Bennett Mill Middle School complained to the school resource officer about punishment he received at home. Officers are looking into whether the case involves standard corporal punishment or is deemed excessive.

The juvenile had some bruising on his body, and the police crime scene unit took some photographs at the school, but the investigation is in its very early stages, according to a police spokesman.


  1. I agree. And, just as a sidebar, most of the folks in the ER have medical complaints that could quickly and easily be resolved at an urgent care facility. Oh, but wait… that might present an out-of-pocket expense.