New resident has new respect for PTC


I wanted to take a moment and thank all the people who helped me and my son during a recent medical emergency.

Labor Day weekend, I suffered an epileptic seizure while shopping at the Kedron Kroger. I was able to detect the imminent onset of the seizure but only had time to alert a sure-to-be shocked shopper in the aisle. My next memory was waking in the back of an ambulance.

The paramedics were true professionals who treated me with compassion and reassurance. Responding to my concern, the medic located my phone and was able to contact a friend and explain what was happening and further facilitated the care of my son.

I later learned the manager at Kroger, along with a friend who, coincidently, was shopping, quickly made sure my son was secure.

The police department responded to my home in an attempt to locate any family and was successful in notifying a caring neighbor.

Like many fellow citizens, I relocated to the Atlanta area for work and was referred to the Peachtree City suburb to settle last year.

The recommendation took into consideration raising my teenage son alone, following his mother’s sudden passing a few years ago.

Again, I wanted to extend my gratitude to all who assisted, and reiterate, Peachtree City is a wonderful community in which I am proud and thankful to live.

Brian Foschino
Peachtree City, Ga.