Fayette folks stepped up to help needy


On Saturday, Sept. 14, the people of Fayette County stepped up as a community big time. On that date, local Boy Scouts, businesses, churches, civic organizations, corporations, Girl Scouts, mayors and commissioners, radio station, schools and numerous families and individuals collected non-perishable food to be distributed to those in need by local non-profit organizations.

The capacity of a 53-foot trailer is 4,050 cubic feet. The amount of food collected filled almost one-half of that trailer.

To help you visualize this, picture in your mind a box that is 2 inches taller and 6 inches shorter than a box from the office supply store that holds 10 reams of paper. That is approximately one cubic foot. What was collected was equivalent to almost 2,025 of those size boxes.

This was an ambitious effort and monumental task that had never been attempted before that Saturday. It started as an idea and took six months to bring to fruition. Cooperation on many levels was an absolute necessity. Those involved in the organizing and planning continuously demonstrated passion and perseverance.

I was there all day working as a volunteer sorting and packaging the donations. As a citizen of Fayette County, I am deeply humbled by the compassionate outpouring of our community; and, at the same time, immensely proud that we the people did this.

To all those involved in the organizing of this event and those who participated, I sincerely thank you. May you never lose that fervent love for your fellow man.

Cheryl Mullikin
Fayetteville, Ga.