F’ville to expand city area 19%


Fayetteville is on its way to increasing its area by a whopping 19 percent.

The June 20 meeting of the Fayetteville City Council included the first reading of multiple annexation requests that will add 15 parcels totaling nearly 1,200 acres to the city’s northwest side and bring the Pinewood Atlanta studios property into Fayetteville.

Two property owners, including Pinewood, with 459 acres, are requesting PCD (Planned Community District) zoning while the remaining properties are requesting R-70 large-lot residential zoning.

Fayetteville Community Development Director Brian Wismer said the impetus for the annexation request relates directly to the Pinewood Atlanta studio project.

“The need for sewer service at this location necessitates that the property be located within the city limits to have access to the city’s sewer system,” Wismer said. “Because the studio property is not directly contiguous to the city’s current borders, other parcels must also be annexed to make this direct connection. In addition, the city has received annexation requests from other contiguous property owners.”

The properties requesting PCD zoning include the 290-acre Pinewood studio property on Sandy Creek Road/Veterans Parkway, the 97-acre parcel directly to the south owned by Shirley Adams Horton, the 28-acre parcel that includes the former Rivers Elementary School soon to be purchased by Rivers Rock/Pinewood for use as an educational component by the studio and the adjacent 44-acre property owned by Rivers Rock/Pinewood. Those properties total 459 acres.

The remaining properties with multiple owners and totaling 727 acres are situated to the east, southeast and southwest of the Pinewood area and are requesting R-70 zoning with no immediate plans for development. Wismer noted the requirement of a minimum 12-month waiting period before properties annexed under one zoning category will be eligible for rezoning.

Those properties include parcels along Ga. Highway 54 extending from east of Sandy Creek Road to Tyrone Road and along both sides of Veterans Parkway from Hwy. 54 to Sandy Creek Road.

Wismer also noted the development of a land use plan for the area is underway and is expected to be completed in September.

Wismer said the guiding principles of the land use plan include appropriate buffering of residential property, creating a “job center,” having amenities such as multi-use paths, limiting retail and residential development and identifying appropriate areas to maintain a rural character.

The second reading and vote on the annexation will be held July 18. The annexation will be effective Sept. 1.