Providence UMC will host faith workshop April 13


If you are a Christian but are not comfortable sharing your faith, have you ever asked yourself why?

Most people give one of four reasons: they are afraid to say the wrong thing, they are afraid they will be asked a question they don’t know the answer to, they think it’s not their job/responsibility, or, they are afraid they will offend someone.

If you just saw yourself in one of these answers, come to the “Share Your Faith” workshop from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. on April 13 at Providence United Methodist Church. “Evangelism Explosion,” founded by Dr. James Kennedy 50 years ago, teaches an easy and memorable way to talk to others about faith.

Providence men’s ministry leader Tom Nolan explains, “David Todd came to one of our men’s ministry breakfasts and had a great message about reaching out to others, so we wanted to share it with the whole community.”

The Share Your Faith workshop not only teaches one how to share his or her faith, it helps one to share that training with others in their church.

Senior pastor Warren Huddleston adds, “Many times we talk about the spiritual decline in our nation and wonder what we can do to change it. If Christians commit to learning how to share the saving grace of Christ, just think what could happen in our country. What a legacy that would be for our children and grandchildren! We want Share Your Faith to help Christians in Fayette and Coweta counties learn to be comfortable talking to others about Jesus.”

All teens through adults are invited to attend.

The $30 cost of the workshop covers materials, coffee breaks and lunch. To sign up for the workshop, go to

Providence is at 592 Bernhard Road, Fayetteville, in southern Fayette County between Redwine Road and Ga. Hwy 85. Visit for more information.