Dolhancyk 50th Wedding Anniversary


Fifty years ago this day Julie Evans and Alex Dolhancyk were married in Urbana, Ohio. Today, they renew their vows in Peachtree City with their three children, six grandchildren, family and friends in attendance.

Julie and Alex met in 1961 as students at Wittenburg University in Springfield, Ohio and married on June 16, 1962. When asked the secret to long marriage, the happy couple agree that a “sense of humor, a short memory, and a glass of wine go a long way, and not necessarily in that order.” They wish for all to know that the renewal of their vows is done quite voluntarily and without any further coercion.

Alex retired after 26 years in the corporate world and resumed his weightlifting hobby. He can now bench press 375 pounds. Julie, not an idle homemaker, turned a home-based business into a million dollar enterprise. She sold her escort service and now lives comfortably.

Julie and Alex assert that their family and friends have met to discuss the upcoming nuptial renewal and it is reported that family and friends, with few exceptions, support the continuation of the marriage as the couple start their next 50 years together.

To call a 50th wedding anniversary a milestone is an understatement. It is, rather, quite remarkable. As Julie and Alex tell each other, the best is yet to come.
The couple retired to New Smyrna Beach, Fla. where they enjoy Sudoku and fishing.