Starr’s Mill grad plays bully in NBC movie this Saturday


Dane Davenport, a graduate of Starr’s Mill High School and Auburn University, will appear in a television movie on NBC this Saturday night.

Davenport plays a high school football player bully in the new NBC Summer Movie, “Field of Vision.” The movie was filmed locally in Jonesboro and Tara Stadium this past spring. In addition to experience of working with actors like Faith Ford on a movie for network television, Davenport and his fellow actors got to learn how to play some football from high school and college level football players and coaches.

“I had just moved back to the Atlanta area with my wife and had made some contacts,” Davenport recalled. “I auditioned for it, they thought I was too old but the director fought for me and really wanted me in it.

The story is a familiar one. Mysterious footage captured on an old video camera shows star quarterback, Tyler, that some team members have been bullying the new transfer student, Cory. Aware that standing up for Cory might get Nick (Davenport) and others kicked off the team and cost the school the state championship,
Tyler must choose between winning and doing what’s right.

Davenport did some research into why people become bullies and found that a lot of it comes with jealousy or perceived challenges to status. He found this to be true for the character of Nick. It was the first time that Davenport, who has appeared in several films and television shows, including “October Road,” got to play a bad guy. Since wrapping “Field of Vision,” Davenport has also recently completed reshoots for an independent movie called “Ivy League.”

“‘Field of Vision’ is a great family movie that shows what kids go through and what we can do to stop bullying,” Davenport said. “I think people will enjoy it.”

“Field of Vision” will air at 8 p.m. Saturday night on NBC.