Former Hollingsworth House to remain an event center


The former Judge Waymon Hollingsworth came to Fayette County in 1890 as a telegrapher with Southern Railroad. After marriage, he built a home in 1906 near the Fayetteville First Baptist Church on East Stonewall Avenue.

In the Fall of 2000, the house was moved one third of a mile west and the City of Fayetteville operated it as an event center.

It later sold the house and the couple making the purchase continued with that operation.

The economic down times forced them into foreclosure and the house sat empty until now.

South Fayette resident Tony Valadez and his wife, Rocio, have recently purchased the property. Rocio has owned a boutique for some time in another state and fell in love with this location.

Consequently, she has a boutique on the top floor, and Tony will continue the first floor as a event center.

Both facilities are open at this time. A grand opening was held last month.

Tony has worked around the world in public relations and the last 33 years of his working career were at Delta Air Lines.

“Though the kitchen is not a commercial one,” said Tony, “it is sufficient to keep food warm. We want to work with all those who want to rent the center, whether we provide tables or chairs, or the food, or they do.  The facility will seat 100 with table and chairs, or 275 standing at a reception.”

“We are very excited to be here,” he added, “and whether it’s a birthday celebration, or a wedding shower, we stand ready to be of help. We live here, have children in school here, and look forward to being a part of the community.”
The facility  can be reached at 770-629-4148 or email or