The lady has a big appetite


It was a sight to behold. Finalists at the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest held May 14 at Junction Lanes in Newnan had 10 minutes to stuff down as many hot dogs and buns as they could muster. The gulping group included local residents and those from as far away as New York and Chicago. The winner of the women’s portion of the contest was Larell Marie Mele (second from right) from Long Pond, Penn. She will join men’s winner Gravy Brown from Chicago on July 4 at Coney Island, New York, for a chance to win the national title and a $20,000 prize. Mele at the Newnan contest scarfed up 13 hot dogs while Brown set a Newnan record by eating 28 and three-quarters of the delectable dogs. Photo/Ben Nelms.