Brown, McCarty will take Fayette back from ‘good old boy developer crowd’


You know Steve Brown is the right choice in the July 20 County Commission election because his opponent can’t stick to the issues. The other side just keeps trying to smear him in the newspaper.

I have lived in Fayette County for many years and watched Steve Brown from the start.

It’s obvious the good old boy developer crowd is afraid of Mr. Brown. And while Mr. Brown keeps stating the facts and speaking directly to the issues, the other side keeps attacking him.

Mr. Dufresne’s letter was full of nasty comments and not single word about any of the issues. They can’t defend their votes on the issues. Commissioner Smith’s campaign crew should be ashamed.

Remember in the early days of the West Fayetteville Bypass, commissioners Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell said they chose that particular project because it would take traffic off of Ga. Highway 85.

Well, people like Mr. Brown kept after them, proving them wrong.

Next, the commissioners changed their reason for building the road to … the west bypass cost less than the east bypass, so they picked the west instead. That excuse didn’t work so well either.

The latest reason is … the commissioners had no choice but build the road because that is what the voters insisted they do.

But the West Fayetteville Bypass wasn’t even in the top 10 project list. It was buried way down there. Commissioner Maxwell admitted at the Tea Party forum that the West Fayetteville Bypass was buried in the transportation plan. Do they think we are stupid or what?

There aren’t any crowds in Tyrone screaming to build the road to nowhere. Everywhere I go, I hear just the opposite. That road is going to hurt us. There is no way for the bypass traffic in our area to get to Interstate 85, except Hwy. 74. It is bottlenecked every morning at that intersection and our commuters need no more competition for access to Interstate 85 off Hwy. 74.

Then there’s the mass transit issue. Commissioner Smith said he is against mass transit in our county. The problem is he voted the opposite way. The Citizen says, “Smith said he voted for the plan because it ‘preserved’ an option for Fayette County to have transit if it is ever needed in the future.” His votes and quotes sound to me like he is sneaking the bus system in behind our backs.

You can’t be a little bit pregnant. And Commissioner Smith can’t be opposed to mass transit and vote for it and expect us to believe him.

Fayette County has a rural feel. If we wanted buses, we would live in Fulton County where they cut all the trees down and complain about the cost of MARTA.

On the bank deal, Commissioner Smith, either be on the board of directors of the Bank of Georgia or … be our commissioner. Your unwillingness to leave the board of the bank and represent us without the appearance of a conflict of interest says you don’t really care about us. There is no such thing as a self-important public servant. It’s not all about you, Commissioner Smith. It’s about the people of Fayette County.

At a time when people are financially vulnerable, commissioners Smith and Maxwell asked us for another $137 million SPLOST for things that have little consequence on our current situation. Is that leadership? These guys would spend every dime we own if we let them. They are never satisfied.

Commissioner Maxwell says he brought in a “policy of change” in Fayette County. We got the change alright. The developers along the route of the West Fayetteville Bypass are getting all of the dollars.

We don’t need people who sit on high and talk down to us. It’s time to cut the incumbents loose like what is happening all around this country.

If you read the newspaper like I do every week, it’s easy to see Mr. Brown knows what he’s talking about. There is really no choice in this election. Mr. Brown and Mr. McCarty will give Fayette back to the people. Pick the candidates who will fight for families all over the county. It’s that easy.

Meanwhile, I will be waiting for the Smith campaign to say Mr. Brown beats his wife, kicks his dog and takes candy away from babies. That’s about all they are capable of in this political environment and I’ve had enough of it.

Gail Onesi

Tyrone, Ga.