Animal refuge director objects to bulldog ‘profiling’


My name is Mariel Weigand and I am the Director of Royal Animal Refuge in Tyrone, GA. This morning, as I was scrolling through my news feed, an article popped up about the incident at Drake Field.

While the article itself is not the problem, I do have a problem with the photo being used to use as an example and preview of the article.

The dogs in this particular incident were a Chihuahua mix and a German Shepherd and you decided to go with a Bulldog as the cover.

Please stop creating fear and profiling dogs. It will only hurt shelters, rescues and the animals that are being profiled against. We are trying to fight the good fight even in these difficult times, and I am writing this just as some feedback to your article in case you were not aware of how brutal the situation is in animal welfare is at this time nationally.

I also apologize in advance if this email sounds angry, but it is more out of frustration from seeing this profiling be done over and over again. I do appreciate taking your time to read this e-mail. 


Mariel Weigand, Director

Royal Animal Refuge

Tyrone, Ga.