Stop Kedron Hills HOA from closing Crabapple Lane


At a recent Tyrone City Council meeting it was discussed that Peachtree City is considering closing Crabapple Lane (gravel road portion) to stop Tyrone residents from entering Peachtree City.

The Kedron Hills subdivision HOA is asking the city of Peachtree City to permanently close Crabapple Lane at the point it enters Peachtree City (the gravel road portion from Dogwood to Loring Lane in the Kedron Hills subdivision).

Presumably, some residents of Kedron Hills do not like people cutting through their subdivision. Residents that live on Crabapple Lane and Farr road will sometimes use Crabapple Lane to gain access to Peachtree City businesses (shopping, restaurants, etc.), both in golf carts and vehicles. I would be interested in knowing more details about this.

Specifically: Can a subdivision or city close off a public road to stop others from entering?

Would Kedron Hills then become a gated community?

Is there anything that the town of Tyrone can do to protect the interests of its residents? Closing the road would cut off cart path access from one part of Tyrone to another (Crabapple Lane on west side of Hwy 74 to Crabapple Lane on the east side of Hwy 74 since the only golf cart access is through Crabapple Lane (gravel road)).

Can a city stop non-residents from using public streets and golf cart paths?

The situation is complicated since the west side of Crabapple Lane is located in Tyrone city limits, the east side is Fayette county unincorporated, and the south end of the road enters Peachtree City. Who has jurisdiction over this matter?

I have lived on this portion of Crabapple Lane for over 16 years. Closing the road would be a major inconvenience to all the residents of Crabapple Lane who are trying to enter Peachtree City. The Neighbors of Kedron Hills subdivision do not seem to be very neighborly:-| Thanks for considering.

Conrad Belveal

Tyrone, Ga.


  1. An old issue. As far as being gravel my history on the issue says the problem is with Tyrone. As far as an HOA closing off a road, they can’t. As far as PTC closing it off they could but it would be foolish to do so. Gated communities are not allowed.

    Each city has control within its boundaries and the other can do nothing unless it constitutes a safety issue, which I do not see.

    As a former state arbitrator I suggest the affected homes come together and discuss where they want to be. But understand you cannot create a County island. Without digging deeper it would seem you need to unify the area into PTC. That means annexing the county portion, de-annexing the Tyrone portion and then annexing into PTC. All of which requires action by Tyrone and PTC, meaning road inspections, zoning review and a review of your plats. But ultimately PTC is the main key.

    But as long as you are divided between three governments you are going to have issues.