PTC may take crack at ‘walking’ signs


So-called “walking” signs in Peachtree City may be facing extinction.

While a bid to strictly regulate them fell flat last year, Councilwoman Kim Learnard said last week that she is interested in banning them altogether.

Learnard said while she supports local businesses, the city needs to address “guerilla suits standing near the intersection and waving.”

“I think they are not in keeping with the dignity and intent of our sign ordinances,” Learnard said during the annual City Council retreat at City Hall last weekend.

Mayor Don Haddix said while the walking signs aren’t allowed in rights of way, they do patrol the sidewalks.

“People don’t like that,” Haddix said.

Learnard said she thought the walking signs were incongruous to the city’s setbacks, landscaping and sign restrictions.

City Attorney Ted Meeker said the matter was investigated last year from a legal standpoint so he could bring some recommendations back to council.