PTC firms up parking ordinance


Peachtree City has shored up its parking ordinance to require residents to use a specific parking surface for all parking on private property.

While the current ordinance requires a “all-weather” parking surface to be used for all automobiles and golf carts, the language is vague and makes enforcement difficult, city staff has said.

The new ordinance, approved by the City Council Thursday night, requires that parking surfaces on private property be:
• Paved asphalt;
• Concrete; or
• An all-weather surface of at least 3-inch depth of stone, rock or gravel.

The new ordinance also makes a minimum size for the parking area of nine feet wide and 18 feet in length.

Some residents install such parking areas after the home is built, and in many cases they serve as parking for residents, tenants or visitors, according to city staff.

The city has long disallowed parking on grass and dirt, but some residents tried to meet the current regulations by using a type of garden paver, officials have said previously.