PTC tire store helps fill parent’s Christmas wish


Tires are not the typical gift on most people’s Christmas lists, but it was at the top for a parent on the Fayette County school system’s Angel Tree.

Job cutbacks and losses due to the economy have hit many Fayette families hard this year. With her tires balding and loosing tread, this parent knew she had a safety issue but unfortunately did not have the money to purchase replacements. She had borrowed two tires from a friend but the tread had worn away on them as well. When she and her family were selected as angels for the CARE (Children at Risk in Education) Angel Tree, new tires was the gift she wanted most.

Thanks to the generosity of Discount Tire on Georgia Highway 54 in Peachtree City, the parent’s wishes were granted. Not only did the store provide her with four new tires, the store manager also gave her a brand new spare.

“Her tires were in terrible shape. We replaced them and did an alignment. I happened to see the spare she had and noticed that the tread was gone on it. We replaced it as well,” says store manager Lawrence Lopez.

Lopez says he did not have to think twice or ask permission from the company to make the donation; it is part of the company’s philosophy. Discount Tire’s vision and values states “help those in need, always do what is right, work hard and be responsible.”

“Helping this mother was the right thing to do. She was so grateful to know that her vehicle is safer now for her family and we were happy to be able to give her that peace of mind,” says Lopez.

The Angel Tree program provides nontraditional gifts such as clothing, After School Program scholarships and extracurricular program fees for students and their families who are in need. All adults in the household must be employed in order for a family to qualify for the program.