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2 arrested in Senoia for entering 15 autos

Two Senoia men are in custody after stealing belongings from 15 vehicles on July 29 in the Willow Dell subdivision near downtown Senoia.

Maj. Steve Tomlin said Bryan James Wilson, 23, and Adolfo Velez-Reyes, 24, were charged with multiple counts of entering auto, obstruction and loitering and prowling.

Tomlin said officers received a call at 4 a.m. about two suspicious men entering a vehicle in the subdivision. Upon arriving at the scene, one of the officers located the men traveling on foot and wearing black clothes and carrying a black duffel bag, Tomlin said.

The men spotted officers and ran into a nearby wooded area, said Tomlin, adding that officers set up a perimeter and contacted the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office to secure a K-9 unit.

The first man was located off Stallings Road at approximately 5 a.m. and the second was taken into custody in the same area at 6:30 a.m., said Tomlin.

Tomlin said items such as jewelry, cash, GPS units and other electronics were stolen from the 15 vehicles. All the vehicles were unlocked, Tomlin added.

Tomlin reminded residents to help deter this type of criminal activity by locking their vehicles.



Wow... one stop shopping. Where else can one find 15 unlocked automobiles containing jewelry, cash and electronics just ripe for "the pickin". Sorry, but this story is just too unbelievable to accept. Even when in use, my vehicle never carries jewelry or cash and the electronics are limited to the radio/cd player that came with the car and a cheap and basic cell phone.

It seems to be an issue all over, folks leave their cars unlocked in their own driveways. As for jewelry and electronics, a lot of folks leave the ipod in the car because they use it like a radio, also many women take off jewelry (like bracelets and earrings)at the end of the day and stick it in the cup holder.

Sorry, but I perceive these people as either lying or stupid. Perhaps a combination of both. It remains inconceivable to me that women would remove and leave jewelry of value in the cup holder of an unlocked vehicle. Let's see... oh yeah, I left my diamond tennis bracelet, matching earrings and 2 carat diamond wedding ring out in the yard.

Complacency does breed opportunity. Therefore, it stands to reason why you can certainly focus on the ignorance of a few residents that were victimized. However, another focal point to consider should be on the efforts of the Senoia police department. This was certainly a timing issue as it directly relates to a citizen's tip. The quick response time and aggressive nature of the pursuit led to the apprehension of the two suspects involved. Say what you want about speeding tickets and other types of traffic stops, but when you need them in situations such as this they seem to be there for the public. Perhaps these types of continual case closures have allowed the City of Senoia to remain at the lowest levels of overall crime in the geographic area? Happy to support them with my tax dollars.

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