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8 GOP candidates, 1 Democrat, qualify for 3 County Commission seats

Incumbent Horgan opposed by newcomer and CPA Oddo, incumbent Hearn faces businessman Ognio and homemaker Stopford, open Post 2 gets businessman Barlow, attorney Sheila Huddleston and former Commissioner Jack Smith

The qualifying period for Fayette County Commission candidates that was delayed until this week ended at noon on Friday. Qualifying for the three expiring seats on the Fayette County Commission ended with contested elections in each of the three districts up for a vote on July 31.

Republican candidates qualifying for the Post 1 seat were incumbent Robert Horgan and Charles Oddo.

Qualifying for the Post 2 seat were Republican videographer David Barlow, attorney Sheila Huddleston and former Fayette County Commissioner Jack Smith. Incumbent Herb Frady announced recently that he would not be seeking re-election.

Also qualifying for the Post 2 seat in the Democratic primary was CEO/investigator Neely Moody.

And Republicans qualifying for the Post 3 seat included incumbent Lee Hearn, small business owner Randy Ognio and homemaker Susan Stopford.

Commission candidates qualified under the new map that specifies five commission districts rather than the three districts previously in use. To date, and unless a change related to the suit by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is forthcoming, the July 31 primary election will feature at-large voting for all commission posts.



mudcat's picture

I thought the whole purpose of the NAACP thing was to get a black candidate on county commission. So why are we not seeing qualified blacks from the northern district step forward and jump into the race - meaning the political race. I assume this Oddo is the other Oddo's brother. Is that a step forward? Horgan is my man. He hates Steve Brown and that's good enough for me.

Don't have very high expectations of a candidate,do you? Just not like Commissioner Brown--that'll do it! I don't know either of the Oddo brothers, but from all I've read, Paul has done a very good job as a Fayetteville City Councilmember--and the family has had a reputable business in the county for a long time. Think we'll wind up with some respectable new blood in office.

ginga1414's picture

Charles Oddo is well respected in Fayette County. He isn't a member of the "go along to get along" club that has ruled this county for far too long.

On Tuesday, June 19th, at 6:30 pm, there will be a "Meet the Commission Candidates" event at the Harvest Christian Community Center, 383 N. Glynn Street/Ga. Hwy 85 N., Fayetteville in the Fayette Place Center behinid the yellow Mexican Restaurant.

BBQ Jones's picture

All Oddo wants is to re-zone his property so he can sell it to developers.

Watch out Fayette County Citizens.

So do you have a source for this little gem of accusatory gossip or did you dream it up all by your lonesome?

ginga1414's picture

Just look at Jack run.

Frady, Smith, Huddleston, and Moody want a runoff.

Steve Brown is so easy to hate. Just because he wants to be the king of the county and hand pick the other commissioners - is that any reason? Of course, there are his ethics and constant stirring and confrontation.
We do not need a dictator. Just remember what a mess he made in PTC.

mudcat's picture

That would be Oddo, Smith, Ognio.

bringinabroom's picture

Jack Smith ??? WOW !!! With the horrific spanking he took in 2010 you'd think he would've packed it in. BOHICA, Jack!

"The whole thing stinks--- time for a Spring Cleaning."

NUK_1's picture

First off, I never have voted for him nor would I.

Secondly, the spanking he took from the voters was far less than what Brown took vs. Logsdon or Brown vs. Ramsey, proving that FC voters have short memories and are hopelessly ill-informed most of the time anyway, so if you're Smith, why not?

Speaking of Our Man Steve Brown, notice how silent he's been on Don Haddix's recent stupidity? You can always count on Brown to go after everyone in politics with no quarter given, but he's saying zilch about his buddy Don Haddix screwing over the taxpayers(including PTC resident Brown himself) for 10K and acting like a complete jackazz about it too. I guess Haddix being against ARC and TSPLOST trumps anything else whatsoever and until the TSPLOST vote happens, Brown will say nothing despite what is usually a very inviting target for him that he won't pass up.

G35 Dude's picture

[quote]Secondly, the spanking he took from the voters was far less than what Brown took vs. Logsdon or Brown vs. Ramsey, proving that FC voters have short memories and are hopelessly ill-informed most of the time anyway, so if you're Smith, why not? [/quote]

I think most people voted against Jack Smith instead of for Steve Brown.

NUK_1's picture

That's why I voted for BALD-HEADED CYCLIST proudly in that race and a couple of others. There is no way in hell when faced with the choice of Jack Smith or Steve Brown that I would vote for either one.

BBQ Jones's picture

Jack Smith along with Hearn & Horgan will lead the County in the right direction. We can't have Steve Brown in charge. Remember what he did to PTC. He's so wrong on so many issues, it's scary

ginga1414's picture

Yeah, they have a vision. They'll continue to "silently lead the County" in their direction.

Remember when Jack Smith, Eric Maxwell, Herb Frady, Robert Horgan, and Lee Hearn said the W. Bypass wasn't for developers or development?

All the while they were saying that, they were silently planning a little 2,000 acre high-density development called the West Fayetteville Neighborhoods. Also, don't forget that as Jack Smith sat on the Board of Commissioners with power to approve or deny Fayette County development he also sat on the Board of Directors of the made for developers Bank of Georgia.

Remember, now, Lee Hearn nominated his relative for the Elections Board by saying he is someone he knows from church.

Remember, Lee Hearn's relative owns a large chunk of property that will be included in the West Fayetteville Neighborhoods development and that his family has already sold 60 acres to the Fayette County School System so they can build a new high school in his portion of the development.

Have you forgotten that our Commissioner Robert Horgan was arrested for possession of marijuana and asked the cop if they could take care of it right then. Have you forgotten that he violated his probation?

Do you know that Smith, Maxwell, Frady, Horgan, and Hearn gave one (friend?) W. Bypass homeowner $150,000 over the assessed value of their property? That can be verified through the County Tax Assessor.

Remember, I've only listed just a few of their attributes!!??

Yeah, they've got a vision all right, and they will lead this County. The question is what and where?

I remember voting against Jack Smith because he was so insanely intent on building the WFB without any explanation to the voters. He ran the County Commission in a manner a Czar would be proud of. Like we need another developer implant on the board! My vote goes with the newcomers. We need new faces to break up the Good 'Ole Boy system with as much force as possible. This is an opportunity for the rest of us in Fayette to have a say. If you have been in the office, you need not apply!

Josh Bloom's picture

I love how all you Steve Brown haters only put jabs out there such as "just look what he did with PTC" or "Steve Brown just wants to be king of the county"

BBQ Jones (give me a break and use your real name) why don't you back up what you say on how Steve harmed PTC. TDK, Swim Center, etc... Come on back up your rant with something so I can give you some facts to think about.

I support Steve Brown and all he does for Fayette County.

efdrakejr's picture

Steve Brown is the most divisive leader, and I use that term very loosely, that most of us have ever seen. He was never able to get much if anything done as mayor because it was his way or the highway and if council members, or even citizens, disagreed with him, he would take to the papers to attack them personally. For that, he got about 25% of the vote when he ran for re-election as mayor of PTC. That is an almost impossibly low total for an incumbent.

Gene Drake

ginga1414's picture

is the Executive Director of the Georgia Concrete Pavers Association and a lobbyist for that entity.

Right now, he is extremely unhappy with the fact that Steve Brown and Bob Ross are exposing theTransportation Investment Act (Regional T-SPLOST) for the completely wasteful and ill conceived thing it is.

efdrakejr's picture

It's Georgia Concrete Paving Association. Pavers are the small brick or concrete blocks that people use on their patios or driveways. I don't recall seeing any massive patio projects on the list so that should have given you a clue.

Bob Ross is bringing data and legitimate concerns that are worthy of debate. Steve Brown is bringing half truths and exaggerations that don't help the debate at all. I can see why you like him so much though because factual posts have never been your strong suit either. Just like Steve, you prefer innuendo and character assassination because you're either not bright enough to grasp the debate or too lazy to do your research.

The TIA is going to pass or fail on July 31 and obviously we are on different sides of the issue. But the county will live on long after that no matter the results and I have much more concern for our county direction and leadership than I do for the TIA.

From this point forward, I've decided to limit my debate to people who can make a reasoned, logical and informed contribution. Unfortunately, you, pips, PTCO, moelarrycurly, mudcat and few others didn't make the cut.

See you at the polls!!

Gene Drake

ginga1414's picture

Yes, I did make a mistake in calling the Georgia Concrete Paving Association the Georgia Concrete Pavers Association. I'm not going to fall apart because of it. I have no problem admitting that I have made a mistake.

Woooo, Mr. Drake!! Talk about "character assassination!!" Need I remind you that it is you, not I, referring to someone not being "bright enough to grasp the debate or too lazy to do your research."

Thanks so much for excluding me from your list of folks you consider to be, "reasoned, logical and informed."

Just when I thought this day couldn't get any better, you hallucinate into thinking you cut me? Bucky, I cut you long ago. Good riddance, you twerp.

PTC Observer's picture

I didn't make Mr. Drake's "cut".

Well thanks for that pal, you just go slopping down there at the legislature money trough. Keep shaking those hands, slapping those backs, and working our representatives and of course keep "debating" the "issues".

You are making a terrific impression on everyone here with your vast knowledge of how things work down there at the capital to further your own interest and the interests of your special interest group.

There only one thing that bothers me, that you are concerned with our county direction and leadership. Why? Why are you concerned with it? Is there more concrete to be flushed down the local governmental black hole? I suppose there must be, that's what bothers me. Is that your hand in my pocket Mr. Drake?

See you at the polls indeed.

that's one.

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency
Current resident of Tyrone, GA
Is this the Neely Moody who qualified?

"Throughout his 43 years as a public servant, Mr. Moody has distinguished himself as a dedicated leader, one who faced challenges with determination, persistence and balance. This was true early in his 20-year U.S. Air Force career, and remained true throughout his 23-year DIA career."

"From the time of his March 2003 appointment as DIA Inspector General until his retirement, Mr. Moody capably led the Office of the Inspector General in promoting the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of DIA and defense intelligence programs and operations."

"Prior to his appointment as DIA Inspector General, Mr. Moody served as the Chief, Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity, where he effectively led the effort to develop and implement DIA employment opportunity, and diversity management policy and procedures. During his tenure as Chief, Personnel Security Division, DIA, he effectively managed the agency's personnel security program and promulgated Director of Central Intelligence personnel security policies within the Department of Defense."

"During his military career, Mr. Moody served in diverse career specialties of security, counterintelligence, law enforcement, munitions maintenance, aircraft maintenance, and special investigations. He distinguished himself throughout his active duty career, including in his final assignment as a Chief in the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations."

"Mr. Moody's service to our nation has been recognized for his service and achievements in a host of ways. He is the recipient of the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive in the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service, the DIA Director's Award for Exceptional Civilian Service, the Director of Central Intelligence's Meritorious Unit Award and the NAACP Award of Recognition for EO, Affirmative Action, and Public Service. His military service recognition includes the USAF Meritorious Service Medal and Air Force Achievement Medal."

"Mr. Moody is widely respected as leader, mentor and confidant. He has made a difference to countless individuals in the Intelligence Community and military. Moreover, he is admired for his commitment to continuing to make a difference in the lives of others in his retirement endeavors."

There has been something 'wrong' with every 'qualified' candidate. No wonder real qualified persons don't run for public office in this county. Sad. Is there anyone that more than two or three in this conversation would support? Inquiring minds would appreciate the information. Thanks.

When someone qualifies as a Democrat in Fayette County, their chances of being elected are considerably reduced. Is it possible to run as an Independent? If yes, that person would stand much better chance than a Democrat. My guess is that we will eventually see the local NAACP Orgn endorse Mr. Moody and, if he does not win, say "See, we told you so". Certainly he has an impressive background, but when you pin that "Democrat" label on, it's an automatic negative for many FC voters.

Reality. Thank you. Is there still a chance that someone will qualify for the BOE position that Pressburg holds? There are qualified African Americans who are Republicans in Fayette County. Regardless of political affiliation or ideology, this county (and country) are rough on those who stick their heads above water. . .in order to serve. IMHO.

PTC Observer's picture

David's Mom, get out there and run!

Senior Citizen
African American (or is it Cuban, Native American, African American and any other race that happens to be in your background?)- But who cares?
Church going, but of course you ignore at least one of the Commandments.
Socially Liberal
Fighter for absolute equality
Socialist (Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, or whatever label the Socialists are using these days that seems appropriate for the moment)
I'll just bet your "Green" too aren't you DM?


Perfect insight into how other peoples' money should be spent, making you far superior to us mere mortals who just don't have the intellect to know how to spend our own money on the "right" things.

Why DM, your perfect for politics!!

You have all the qualifications, so what stops you from running?

[quote]Why DM, your perfect for politics!![/quote]

Because teachers and parents need support in improving education so that 'zealots' like you and me don't expose our ignorance through the use of poor grammar. I will continue to support them and individual students in achieving success. Give it a rest PTCO. All elections this year are important - and everyone needs to get more information than you are capable of sharing. We didn't pay attention in 2004 - and allowed those with little integrity to take over our government - at great cost of lives and property. We are struggling today to recover from that mistake. Regardless of labels, most citizens want what is best for our country - and we have seen that unless <STRONG>WE</STRONG> work together to achieve the 'best', no progress is made. It is a waste of time to belittle those who disagree with a point of view. It is far more productive to listen and see where and how we can work together to achieve our common goals. Children understand this.

This young woman and her family holds a view similar to yours - although I don't believe you support violence.

PTC Observer's picture

you're NOT perfect for politics?

I say you are.

So, you need to get out there and run.

Compromise principles? I think this is what has gotten us into this mess.

I think I will keep my principles.

Thanks for pointing out my typo, just proves I am not perfect and not perfect for politics either.

I am not sure what you are inferring with the link DM.

Please share these dates with your co-workers, family and friends and be prepared for upcoming July 31, 2012 Primary Election


June 5, 6:30pm Tues T-SPLOST Debate
June 14, 6:30pm Tues Judicial Candidates and Candidates for Sheriff
June 19, 6:30pm Tues Candidates for Board of Commissioners
June 28, 6:30pm Thurs Candidates for Board of Education

DEBATE LOCATION - Harvest Christian Community Center
383 N Glynn St/GA Hwy 85 N
Fayetteville, GA 30214
Behind yellow Mexican Restaurant near Wings & Things

Thank you.

PTC Observer's picture



Josh Bloom's picture

I can count many reasons as to why I don't want Jack Smith sitting on our county commissioner seat again, and one of those reasons is that he supports Mass Transit into Fayette County.

Now I can go on and on about population density, ridership, and the fact that the citizens of Fayette County simply don't want it, but listen to what Jack Smith wants to do with it.

Instead of using existing rail (which Concept 3 called for) he would like to see rail laid in between the interstate. Can you say $$$$$. Plus the interstate doesn't even get close to PTC let alone Senoia. Yes I did say Senoia because Jack smith would like to see a light rail stop in Senoia.

I wonder where he would like that built? Maybe behind Founders in the parking lot there with the rail line going through downtown historic Senoia.

We do not need Jack Smith in office again.

BTW, anyone Interested in seeing what BOTH sides have to say about T-Splost there is a debate June 5th at 6:30. Harvest Christian Community Church in Fayetteville.


ginga1414's picture

At the time Mr. Smith made his statement about running rail lines down the middle of the interstate, I-85 was in the process of being widened.

That project wasn't even complete and Jack Smith was already envisioning tearing it up and running rail down the middle.

We have to remember that the Chamber of Commerce has paid out big advertising bucks to promote the TIA (Regional T-SPLOST). They have their own "Master Lobbyist" in the person of Terry Lawler.

And, the Chamber of Commerce voted Jack Smith to their position of "Small Businessman of the Year" in 2011. On top of all that, Jack Smith is the Atlanta Regional Commission's fair haired boy.

During Jack Smith's administration in Fayette County, I learned to listen very carefully to every word that came from his mouth. For example, during the 2010 Candidate Forum a citizen asked Mr. Smith about the fact that County Administrator Jack Krakeel and County Attorney Scott Bennett didn't receive written job performance reviews but they did receive pay raises. Mr. Smith's reply was that he gave Mr. Krakeel and Mr. Bennett oral performance reviews. That, undoubtedly, was true because we made an "Open Records" requests for job performance reviews on Mr. Krakeel and Mr. Bennett, and none could be provided. Jack Smith also said that Mr. Krakeel and Mr. Bennett were there as his (Jack Smith's) "behest."

In an interview with the Citizen newspaper, Jack Smith said that he believed in "quiet government." No truer words have ever been spoken. Jack Smith's government in Fayette County was so quiet, written "Minutes" to Commission Meetings were practically non-existant. His government was so "quiet" that many Agenda Items were never seen or heard until they were voted on during commission meetings.

His government was so very "quiet" that he got away with saying that the West Fayetteville Bypass wasn't for development or developers. In actuality he knew very well there was a carefully orchestrated plan to build a mega development known as the West Fayetteville Neighborhoods along the W. Bypass.

As far as I'm concerned, the epitome of Mr. Smith's "quiet government" came when the addresses of all the people living on Tillman Road were changed at the U.S. Post Office, at Mr. Smith's "behest," without any prior notice to the citizens. That particular fiasco caused many Tillman Road/Veteran's Pkwy./W. Bypass citizens financial distress because they didn't receive their mail in a timely manner. In fact, those residents didn't know their addresses had been changed until they received phone calls from banks, etc. wanting to know if they had moved.


Well, I guess that's one way to read the 3/9/2010 article. Here's another way:
Fayette County Commission Chairman Jack Smith says <strong>he does not support a transit system for the county’s future</strong>, but his attempts to get bus and rail service deleted from a regional plan failed.

Smith, who served on the Atlanta regional Transportation Planning Board by virtue of his chairmanship, said he indeed did vote for the regional plan, dubbed “Concept 3.”

The plan, which has no funding at this point, includes two bus routes through Fayette County and a light rail line that would stop in Peachtree City with a downtown Atlanta destination.

<strong>Smith said he voted for the plan because it “preserved” an option for Fayette to have transit if it is ever needed in the future.</strong>

<strong>“That’s not to say we have to take it, or that we’d even want to take it, but at least we have the option,”</strong> Smith said.

If such an offer was made today, Fayette County would have to say no to transit, Smith said.

“The voting public, according to what I know today, has no interest in footing the bill for any type of mass transit into Fayette County,” Smith said. <strong>“My position is I have no interest in footing the bill for any mass transit into Fayette County.”</strong>
Wow, a politician that leaves options open in case they're ever really needed. That's....what's the word, SMART.

You can build a house with just a hammer, but it's better to also have a saw, a screwdriver, and other tools in your toolbox. But some folks just want to use a hammer. You can cut wood with a hammer - but doesn't come out clean, and you may not like how your house looks when you finally try to put it together.

But please, say no when someone wants you give you other tools. Your way is best, for sure!

Again, it's $4 to $6 a month we're quibbling about. How much do you spend in an average month on items that have a sales tax applied to them?

I'll vote for someone who understands what options are. Absolutes will leave you absolutely stuck. I'll consider Mr. Smith as a candidate.

hutch866's picture

"Jack Smith FOR Mass Transit?" Jack Smith, just like Steve Brown, is for whatever will get him elected. The only difference between them is Jack is for the WFB, while Steve is for the EFB. Both bypasses start nowhere, and end up nowhere, but Steve and his butt monkeys are more vocal then Jack's. Lest there be any doubt, I didn't vote for either one in the last election, but I was campaign manager for the Cyclist.

I yam what I yam

ginga1414's picture

I guess so, because none of his "Quiet Government" issues have been addressed.

Listen, folks. Jack Smith speaks very quietly out of both sides of his mouth because he is just another Regional spokesperson and a Regional politician.

Listen very carefully! "Fayette County Commission Chairman Jack Smith says he does not support a transit system for the county's future, but his attempts to get bus and rail service deleted from a regional plan failed."

Yet, he voted for it! "Smith, who served on the Atlanta Regional Transportation Planning Board by virtue of his chairmanship, said he indeed did vote for the regional plan, dubbed "Concept 3."

Listen! "Jack Smith says he does not support a transit system for the county's future." He also said, "he voted for the plan because it 'preserved" an option for Fayette to have transit if it is ever needed in the future."

Yep, and "God didn't make little greens apples and it doesn't snow in Indianapolis in the winter time!" Do you suppose that IF Fayette County WANTED OR NEEDED transit in the FUTURE, it would be denied?

Yes. Jack Smith is a "SMART" politician, and his "Quiet Government" is exactly how he SMARTED himself right out of office.

Listen! "Do you suppose that IF Fayette County WANTED OR NEEDED transit in the FUTURE, it would be denied?"

Well, I guess if Fayette County decided they needed a road in the northeast portion of the County that was in plans for growth since 1985, no one will complain when they actually decide to turn dirt? I heard Fayette County voted for a SPLOST that included a road to be built in that area to handle additional growth (oh, developers, my dear!) and someone sure tried to DENY it when it came across their property....who could it be, now? The WFB Alliance?

I guess to ensure that future generations may not have to suffer the sins you suffer today, we shouldn't consider planning for additional options, should we?

OK, I've invested enough time in this debate for now. Maybe someone else who supports logical thinking will take up the mantle.

Now for my rant - I watched Steve Brown turn Peachtree City into a divisive circus and set up Peachtree City to be the laughing stock of the region and state. I watched him gather strength from a groundswell of "violated" residents in the WFB area to run into office while the rest of the county sat by and did nothing. The same Steve Brown that was for district voting, then against it, the same Steve Brown that was for TDK Blvd, then against it. I'm afraid that for all of his "research", he is nothing more a windsock and a boy crying wolf - one day the wolf will come and no one will believe it. Tell me how much industrial growth you see in Fayette County, when areas around us are getting it? Tell me how much "high tech" business we're getting here, when the northside is getting it? Tell me how much tax revenue we're getting due to any of this? The growth period is over in Fayette County; how are we going to keep paying for our utopia? How do you suggest we get that?

You'll forgive me if I'm less than thrilled at the "no transit, no taxes, no way" arguments. They're truly short-sighted, in my opinion. Growth takes funding - how many businesses do you know that immediately started out revenue neutral? You've got to spend money to make money!

I hope that something I've written sinks in with someone who reads this other than me for a positive impact. There are two sides to the issues, not just the popular one being postulated in our county. We're not all WASPy Republicans who think government should be stopped at all costs and the free market will save us. I can only hope that maybe, just maybe, someone of a like mind as me will decide to make their opinions known on this blog so there is some BALANCE. Ugh - my computer leans right every time I read this blog. A little of both sides would be LOVELY.

ginga1414's picture

to feel outnumbered. I've been there many times.

Yes. You are right. We tried to save our property from being destroyed by the W. Bypass. We surely did. We had worked our entire adult lives for our home and family. We surely did try to save it, as many other folks did also. If you had worked and saved to build something for your family, would you not try to protect it?

There is nothing wrong with "progress," or "growth," or whatever we choose to call it. However, when I moved to Fayette County (late '60's) on a permanent basis, we had one high school, one traffic light, one grocery store, and one fast food restaurant (Dairy Queen). I moved to Fayette County on a permanent basis because there was only one high school, one traffic light, etc. We wanted to get away from the mass transit, hustle, bustle, and growth.

Then everyone else heard about slow moving one traffic light Fayette County and decided to move here for the same reasons. People moved in by the droves, and all for the same reasons. A lot of us are still here, and we have never wanted to see Fayette County turned into another Atlanta.

I dare say that all the folks who are moving to Pike, Spalding, Meriwether, etc are moving there because Atlanta is knocking on Fayette County's door. They might have to work in the Region, but they don't want to live in the Region. Fayette County's slogan has been "Where Quality Is A Lifestyle." When Fayette County started growing like Atlanta and being governed by the ARC, people started moving further out. The economy and growth is why the population in Fayette County is dwindling.

You talk about the "high tech" businesses on the north side of Atlanta. Would you want to live in that turmoil 24 hours a day? Would you want to live and work there? I wouldn't.

What is wrong with no growth?

Wooo!!! I can feel it coming already. I know I'm going to get slammed for even thinking "no growth!" Is there really something wrong with just holding the car in the road at the speed limit? Do we always have to be pushing the envelope?

G35 Dude's picture

[quote]However, when I moved to Fayette County (late '60's) on a permanent basis, we had one high school, one traffic light, one grocery store, and one fast food restaurant (Dairy Queen). I moved to Fayette County on a permanent basis because there was only one high school, one traffic light, etc. We wanted to get away from the mass transit, hustle, bustle, and growth. [/quote]

Thank you for this post. I think it really sums up my own feelings probably even better than I've been able to. I moved to Fayette in 1983 for these same reasons. Isn't it funny how some people will move to get away from an Atlanta type environment then push to turn their new home into what they left? Why not just go back? I was also attracted by a low crime rate. I attached the link above to address the crime that comes with mass transit as that subject seems to have been over looked so far. Why can't some people just understand that not every town has to meet their definition of a growing metropolis?

ginga1414's picture

Thanks for the vote of confidence and for not slamming me.

You are completely right about the crime rate that is associated with mass transit.

I will say that.

Steve Brown's picture

You ought to move to one of the transit counties - you will love it.

DeKalb and Fulton's system is losing half-a-billion a year. That does not include their march toward $3 billion of unfunded maintenance.

And while the transit systems are losing all that taxpayer money, they are talking about "everyone" having to the bills now.

All that to say, go on over, they need your money. We'll miss you!

Say NO to attorneys, CPA's, etc who wish to CONTROL your power & money as an average citizen/taxpayer. The truth will make you free!! Check out Mr Burien's research below, 8 pg article. Then research for yourself each candidate running in the 31 Jul 12 local primary and hope for transparency, truth, and no hidden agendas!

Who Controls Whom?
by Walter Burien -
Government for the last ten-thousand years has always been: "Where the money is" and recently more money generated and held by each and every local and federal government operation than Midas ever dreamed about.

The population over the last ten-thousand years has suffered great threat and damage to their lives from the abuses that greed and opportunity produces through easy access from the inside walls of government from that wealth amassed and what its use can produce for a select group of inside players when no checks and balances are in place to avert such abuses............


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