3 dog bite cases reported within a week, 2 at animal shelter

3 dog bite cases reported within a week, 2 at animal shelter

It is not often that a Fayette County Animal control officer or a volunteer at the county animal shelter is bitten. But there were three such incidents at the shelter and in the community during Aug. 11-14.

Asked about the three incidents, animal shelter Director Jerry Collins said, aside from one incident of scratching, there has not been a dog bite since he arrived at the facility in March.

This woman was bitten while working with the dog at the Fayette County Animal Shelter. Photo/Fayette County.

Collins said the Aug. 11 incident occurred when a community service worker was working with a pit-bull-type dog. The dog needed coaxing to come out of the “run” and was subsequently taken outside the building.

While petting the dog outside, it bit the woman on the face, Collins said, noting that there had been no previous issues of aggression.

The dog, which was up for adoption, was quarantined after the incident.

An Aug. 14 incident at the animal shelter occurred when a volunteer was attempting to bring a mixed-breed dog back into the shelter after exercise, Collins said.

While passing by other cages, the dog began fighting with other dogs in their runs. The volunteer made a correction, but the dog turned and bit her on the knee, said Collins.

The dog was subsequently quarantined, having been listed for adoption earlier that day, he said.

A second Aug. 14 incident occurred in the community when an animal control officer responded to a call in Fayetteville about an alleged stray Rotweiller.

Collins said the officer was able to secure the dog, but was bitten on the left hand and arm after someone at the scene commented that the dog might bite.

The dog was put in quarantine and the owner was being sought, Collins said.