Alligator fever is swamping Senoia

Alligator fever is swamping Senoia


The March 20 report of a 6-foot alligator in Marimac Lakes in Senoia had police officers looking, but unable to locate the reptile. Officers continue to monitor the two lakes as part of their daily patrols.

The Senoia Police Department on its Facebook page earlier in the week noted a social media post from someone stating that a 6-foot alligator had been spotted.

“We first became aware of the alligator spotting Monday evening. The gentleman who sighted it stated that it was in the back part of the back lake,” said department spokesman Jason Ercole. ”So far no other person has seen this alligator. We have checked and are continuing checks of the lakes each day since for any signs of an alligator. Patrolling the areas around Marimac Lakes is something that our officers do daily in the normal course of business. We’ll just ask them to pay a little more attention to any possible signs of an alligator.”

As always we urge residents to remain vigilant. Keep an eye on your children and your pets, Ercole said.

As a precautionary measure, we have notified DNR Rangers about the report, the police department Facebook post noted.

The safety of our citizens comes first, and we ask that everyone remain vigilant when visiting the lake, said Ercole.