Annexation eyed to extend PTC city limits to the east

A proposal has been submitted to Peachtree City that would annex 28.3 acres off Ga. Highway 54 East and Sumner Road for an as-yet undefined commercial and office project.

The land in question is currently in unincorporated Fayette County and is zoned for residential use with a low density designation on the county’s land use plan.

The parcel abuts homes in the Smokerise Crossing and Sedgewicke neighborhoods, which are some of the most expensive homes in Peachtree City.

Traveling along Hwy. 54, there are seven parcels between the site owned by Bradshaw Properties Management and the city limits. However, the parcel is contiguous to the city limits because it is located off Sumner Road.

Although no specific development is proposed for the site at this time, Bradshaw Properties is seeking a general commercial zoning for the 14.2 acre parcel directly off Hwy. 54 and an office institutional zoning for the 14.1 acre parcel located further off the highway.

On the application for annexation, Bradshaw Properties indicated that it would not object if a portion of the OI tract was zoned limited use residential to accomodate a transition between nearby residential subdivisions.

The annexation application notes that a court order requires the parcel to have a curb cut directly off Ga. Highway 54 near the center of its road frontage along the highway.

The application also notes that the site will facilitate construction of a portion of a proposed northeast collector road that would connect Hwy. 54 with Ga. HIghway 74 via Sims Road and Dogwood Road.

Before the annexation request can be considered by city staff, it must get approval from the city council in a process called a “step one” annexation request. Such an approval would only allow the developer to work with city staff on the proposal; it would not guarantee final approval of the annexation itself.

The Bradshaw parcel is several parcels away from a 4.4 acre site with a new medical office building that is also seeking annexation into the city limits. The property owner, Foot Pain LLC, wants the annexation so it can have access to the city’s sewer system. The Foot Pain parcel is also located directly off Ga. Highway 54.