Students at schools in three counties received recognition from their peers as well as school leaders as 2024 Mahaffey Linkous All Smiles Award winners.

More than 40 schools in Coweta, Fayette and Pike counties participated this year. The award was created by Dr. Mike Mahaffey of Mahaffey Linkous Orthodontics to recognize students in grades 4-8 for their outstanding attitude and character.

“It is exciting to see the joy and positivity spread with this program,” said Dr. Mahaffey. “We enjoy giving back to the community this way.”

“Students have the chance to win awards all year long for various academic and extracurricular achievements,” said Dr. Eric Linkous. “It gives us a great deal of satisfaction to award students for their character.”

Students receiving the award each received an Amazon gift card, a yard sign, and a certificate.

Cleveland Elementary’s school counselor, Dionna Polite says, “The Mahaffey Linkous All Smiles Award is always a pleasure to present to students.  There is so much to be said about a person that can spread light and joy to other people just by being themselves.  These students, without much effort, create a welcoming and genuine environment for their peers as well as shine a spotlight on kindness and overall acceptance of others. Allowing students to vote and giving them a voice to give this recognition is always a joy at Cleveland.”

The students themselves were excited about being chosen for this award, and they understand its significance.

The Mahaffey Linkous All Smiles Award fits into how the 8th Grade Rising Starr Middle School winner Caitlyn McFall sees herself. She said, “I felt like I brought joy to other people. It made me happy that they believed in me, and I was just happy that I made others smile. That’s what I like to do.”

Coincidentally, Caitlyn is also a patient of Mahaffey Linkous Orthodontics. She says of the practice, “They’re super nice and I like going there. They make it feel like home.”

Congratulations to all the Mahaffey Linkous All Smiles Award winners!

Fayette County


Braelinn Elementary – 5th: Eli Kadiata, 5th: Gaby Saracino; Cleveland Elementary – 5th: Ethan Allison, 5th: Madelynn Crew; Crabapple Lane Elem – 5th: Sarah Handley; Fayetteville Elementary – 5th: Ayson McCall, 5th: Sanaa Tucker; Huddleston Elementary – 4th: Grant Tranquillo, 5th: Michael Bowman; Inman Elementary – 4th: Gracie Fernandez, 5th: Jasmine Richards; Kedron Elementary – 5th: Sahana Suresh, 5th: Omobolanle Rufai; North Fayette Elementary – 5th: Maylah Bailey; Oak Grove Elementary – 4th: Zuriah Garcia, 5th: Olyvia Rutledge; Peachtree City Elementary – 4th: Thiri Garris, 5th: Lily DeVane; Peeples Elementary – 4th: Liam Valladares, 5th: Kiley Brady; Robert J. Burch Elementary – 4th: Parker Quick, 5th: Makayla Carter; Sara Harp Minter Elementary – 5th: Rocco Hayes, 5th: Sophia Waldorf; Spring Hill Elementary – 5th: Kylie McKee, 5th: Quang Kiet Vu.


Bennett’s Mill Middle – 6th: Emma Bistoury, 7th: Salvador Garcia-Hernandez, 8th: Alana Nelson; Flat Rock Middle – 6th: Alissa Wilson, 7th: Laela Mitchell, 8th: Jasmin Banks; J. C. Booth Middle – 6th: Kylee Cabo, 7th: Savannah Carswell, 8th: Trisha Patel; Rising Starr Middle – 6th: Marissa Cramer, 7th: Angelina Bueno-Perez, 8th: Caitlyn McFall; Whitewater Middle – 6th: Arnov Sood, 7th: Emily Salas, 8th: Cooper Mundy.


Central Christian – 4th: Ryan Lim, 5th: Caroline Bromley, 6th: Declan Callahan, 7th: Hannah Bromley, 8th: Hudson Clough; Coweta Charter Academy – 4th: Riley Boddington, 5th: Jacson Helms, 6th: Sophia Wingo, 7th: Kaydence Duret, 8th: Abigail Bennett; CrossPointe Christian – 4th: Kurt Schallot, 5th: Caston Palmisano, 6th: Kenzie East, 7th: Wyatt Wargofcak, 8th: Cooper Sexton; Landmark Christian, 6th: Andrew Brezina, 7th: Kayden Hamilton, 8th: Christopher Leason; Liberty Tech – 4th: Lyla Moghal, 5th: Aaron Robb, 6th: Noah Tonnis, 7th: Bailey Middlebrooks, 8th: Janely Garcia; The Bedford School, 4th: Abigail Dearolph, 5th: Zion Odeh-Adimah, 6th: Jackson Potts, 7th: Da’Niya Coleman, 8th: Nola Smith, 9th: Noah Holt; Trinity (Elementary & Middle) – 4th: Denver Huddleston, 5th: Rosei Poelman, 6th: Jonah Bethea, 7th: Addie Inman, 8th: Jacob Harper

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