Peachtree City, G.A., June 27, 2024 – Gallopade International, the distributor of Carole Marsh Mysteries, recently announced the publication of “The Mystery of the Haunted Library,” a new chapter book fiction/narrative nonfiction graphic novel series by multi-award-winning, local author Carole Marsh. In honor of the recent release, Gallopade will be rolling out the red carpet for an open book launch party at the Peachtree City Library on July 16, 2024, at 2:00 p.m., with Marsh virtually joining as the special guest via Zoom.

The free event will include an exclusive live reading of part of the first book in the series, special treats, and refreshments, a chance to put kids’ detective skills to the test with a mystery-solving activity, book giveaways, and more! The author will be leading a Q&A for her mystery-loving fans during the meet-and-greet.

In “The Mystery of the Haunted Library” series, author-turned-character Carole Marsh and her sidekick rescue pup, Coconut, help four adventurous kids from the fictional Spanish Moss School solve mysteries in some of the world’s greatest libraries. They travel together to different famous libraries around the world — and as far as their imaginations will go — to take on spooky missions as a team where they encounter mysteries, learn fun facts, and foil foes.

“My goal is to highlight that libraries are super cool places to be…to present examples of kids of all ages interacting with adults in today’s world and building mutual interests and respect…to show young people collaborating, solving, and other essential skills,” Marsh states. “After all, they are going where we can’t go: to a future where kids need the confidence and abilities to change the world while having fun!”

In this captivating new chapter book series, Marsh weaves her brand of classic mystery fiction with fascinating narrative non-fiction and engaging graphic novel illustrations that will keep kids reading as each page-turn reveals a new surprise. In “The Mystery of the Haunted Library,” readers will journey to real places around the globe filled with adventure and intrigue, all brought to life through the artwork of illustrator Lee Barrow.

The author has garnered several awards for her prior series, “Real Kids – Real Places,” which appeal to young readers ages 7-12. With all her books, Marsh’s goal is to instill a love of reading, an appreciation of collaboration to solve problems, and a fascination with historical facts. As a finishing touch, she included the addition of Coconut, her real-life dog, in her new series as she has gained a loveable reputation amongst Marsh’s fan base.

Join Gallopade on July 16, 2024, at 2 p.m. at the Peachtree City Library, located at 201 Willowbend Road, to celebrate the launch of “The Mystery of the Haunted Library” series with the author and the Gallopade team! Please reach out to marketing@gallopade.com with any questions or concerns.