Peachtree City plans to spend $1.4 million on fix-up projects


In an otherwise routine agenda, the City Council of Peachtree City will approve spending $467,105 on refurbishing the Tennis Center Pro Shop, $340,000 on new turf for Field of Hope at the city’s athletic complex, and $530,272 on landscaping the Gateway Bridge that crosses Ga. Highway 54 at the city’s west entrance.

Before that, the council will hear from Dr. Irvin Clark who heads up Southern Crescent Technical College, headquartered in Griffin but with an extension facility operating out of the former J.C. Booth Middle School building on Peachtree Parkway South.

Also on the agenda: a recreation master plan update.

Below is the agenda for the 6:30 p.m. March 21 meeting at City Hall.


  1. Can’t agree more, sounds like the contingency fund reserve is burning a hole in “someone’s” pocket.

    As a condolence, it will look nice while waiting on traffic to move through the 54/74 intersection.

  2. I don’t see these projects listed in the recent SPLOST that taxpayers approved. Why not, and where are the additional funds coming from?

    It appears to me that this is the kind of spending that occurs when Council doesn’t roll back millage on property taxes, which resulted in over-taxation of residents and an unreasonable 50% budget reserve (or contingency / “rainy day”) fund.

    We may regret the day Council decided to spend more than a half million dollars on landscaping for a bridge.