Moore, Painter refuse to answer questions; Moore says she will keep her ‘dignity’


Two political neophytes declined to answer The Citizen’s questions about any policy positions facing the Peachtree City Council.

Banker Vic Painter and Tamara Moore — who lists her occupation as “retired” — were invited, along with the other three Peachtree City Council candidates, to answer 11 questions but submitted no answers by the midnight deadline.

Candidates who provided complete answers to all questions were Post 1 candidates Laura P. Johnson and Eric Imker, and Post 2 candidate Suzanne Brown. Their unedited responses are posted nearby.

Painter wrote nothing, but Moore sent an email just before midnight.

“I used to be so proud to pick up This Week/The Citizen off my driveway,” Moore wrote. “The paper that Jimmy and Margo Booth started to celebrate our unique town. Mr. Booth always made sure he published an outstanding product. His dream won many awards for journalism. It is unrecognizable now. If Mr. Booth were alive today, he would be ashamed of what has become of his dream.

“I won’t be answering your ‘questions.’ I’ll keep my dignity,” Moore wrote in her email.

She signed her email, “Be Informed. Not Misled. Tamara Allen Moore, Proud City Council Candidate – Post 1.”


  1. Candidates who fail or refuse to respond to legitimate questions from our local media will not get my vote. The only question asked that could have been considered unnecessary IMO was the last one regarding one’s political leanings left or right.

  2. How else do they expect most citizens to know what they stand for if they’re not willing to respond to the newspapers? Most citizens couldn’t make it out to the forum and their websites aren’t clear on many of these issues. It definitely gives the feeling that they’re hiding something which is too bad because I had originally intended to vote for Vic but it seems like he’s just doing whatever Tamara does and I don’t want anything to do with the Plan4PTC mess.

  3. Part of running for office is answering tough questions. Each candidate had a whole week to submit written answers with no word limit and no editorializing. That means they could have offered nuanced answers. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to seize the opportunity to share your platform with a large audience. Going on the record sends a clear message to voters that your answers are consistent and won’t change based on who is standing in front of you. Ignoring all of us readers who just want to be informed was a major slap in the face. It definitely changes things for me.

  4. I thought the questions were good. It makes sense to me a candidate would want to answer questions in a media forum for those of us unable to attend the Rotary event. Having run for an equivalent office in another city, I would certainly have answered them.

  5. Having known Jimmy Booth personally for years, I am glad his legacy continues with the electronic publication of the Citizen. One thing I remember about Jimmy was his devotion to community discourse. Although the citizen has changed its method of delivery, it still provides a needed vehicle for open discussion, especially when electing our city governance. It seems to me that what is unrecognizable is the candidates refusal to express their views and ideas concerning the position they pursue. Choosing not to be a part of open discussion is incredibly MISLEADING and never leads to an INFORMED electorate. Open discussion is the path to being better informed while keeping our DIGNITY.

  6. Doug having chaired three ESPLOST. The editor has always been fair in presenting our letters even though we were supporting a tax. Any candidate who can’t adult enough to present their positions, is not worthy of votes.

  7. Maybe Painter will come through the challenges to answer the questions. Painter was going to get my vote, but I now have reservations. As for Moore, it takes courage to enter politics and it’s messy to work with constituents. Obviously, Moore isn’t up to the tasks. I’m glad to learn it now, before I vote. I don’t want to vote for Brown. What a let down.