Fayette’s voting system pronounced ‘secure, fully functioning’ by state audit


Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Aug. 1 the successful audit of Fayette County’s election infrastructure, both software and hardware, in preparation for the 2023 municipal elections and 2024 Presidential elections.

In coordination with the Fayette County Election Office, the Secretary of State’s office recently conducted health checks of the voting system, finding that Fayette County’s election infrastructure remains secure, unaltered, and fully functioning as Georgia heads into a major election cycle.

These health checks are in conjunction with Secretary Raffensperger’s Four-Point Secure The Vote Plan for the 2024 election. That plan includes:

• Testing before the election (Logic and Accuracy Testing)

Each and every piece of voting equipment, in all 159 counties, is tested to assure each contest is voting properly, by testing every candidate and ballot position on the Ballot Marking Devices, and that all scanners are reading ballots properly.

• Testing during the election (Parallel Monitoring)

Live election equipment will be randomly selected and tested during the active voting period, every day of voting from the start of early voting through Election Day. This testing will detect any active, ongoing threat.

• Voter review and accountability

Since 2020, Georgia voters have had the ability to review their own ballot for accuracy before turning it in for tabulation. In 2020, the University of Georgia conducted a study of Georgia’s live elections and found that more than 80% of Georgia’s voters review their ballots.

• Testing after the election (Risk Limiting Audits)

With the passage of HB 316 and SB129, Georgia now has robust post-election audit procedures in place to detect any anomalies in the outcomes of elections.

These election equipment health checks are part of the greater election security initiative launched by the Secretary of State Raffensperger’s office to administer the most secure elections in the Country. Georgia’s election system consists of multiple layers of security, robust audit procedures, and thorough function and diagnostic testing prior to any election.

The Secretary’s top priority is election security, with 100% voter-verified paper-based elections, 100% photo ID, and a 100% commitment to accurate and trusted elections, his office said in a news release.

Additionally, the Secretary of State’s office is partnering with the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies to ensure that all 159 county election offices are safe, secure, and held to the highest physical security standards possible.


  1. When it’s a known, proven fact that you have groups out paying for ballets and harvesting multiple ballots, you’ll never convince me that an unmonitored drop box that allows depositing uncontrolled amounts of ballots at one time, without proving the identity of the person depositing ballots or the names on the ballots, can lead to secure and accurate results. Even if you’re on the winning side – wouldn’t you want to know that the contest you won, you won fairly and honestly? Or – as long as you win – it doesn’t matter how you won, just what’s on the scoreboard at the end of the contest???