Learning Power energizes Flat Rock


GA Power partnered with Flat Rock Middle to bring an electrifying experience to the Eagles with the Learning Power Program.

Students in grades 6 through 8 learned about energy-related topics such as potential and kinetic energy,  rotated through energy transformation discovery stations, and explored careers with GA Power.

The 6th grade topic of renewable and non-renewable resources looked at why wind and solar power are good options for electricity generation and challenges faced by its generation.

The 7th grade tackled invention versus innovation. They used snap circuits to complete a smart grid and explored innovations in the field of electricity transmission and distribution.

For the 8th grade, it was the transformation of energy. They differentiated between potential and kinetic energy and discussed the law of conservation of energy and how energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. They also completed a transformations discovery activity where they worked in groups to complete hands-on activities using items such as hand boilers, Slinkies, yo-yos, and hand warmers to investigate how energy can be transferred between the various types of potential and kinetic energy.