Bennett’s Mill helps girls take flight

“Introduce a Girl to Flight” is exposing Bennett’s Mill Middle girls to opportunities in aviation.

Bennett’s Mill Middle is helping young Broncos get their wings with “Introduce a Girl to Flight.”

As part of Celebrating CTE Month and Engineering Month, the Broncos joined the “Introduce a Girl to Engineering” initiative with a program designed to get girls interested in aviation. They did team-building activities and came up with their own call signs, like “Maverick” in Top Gun. They also did a “Science of Flight” segment where they built gliders and programmed drones and flew them both.

With just a small percentage of pilots being female, they wanted to introduce a new career opportunity. The initial offering was a hit, and they’re already aiming to expand it for future installments.

“It was very exciting for the girls,” said engineering and technology teacher Susan Hall. “By the time they left, they were asking when we were doing it again!”