Bennett’s Mill honors resource officer with special day


Bennett’s Mill Middle loves their school resource officer, and they wanted to show Kathryn Gonzalez just how much they care. “National Officer Gonzalez Day” helped the Bronco community say thank you to their hero.

“The inspiration was several things. First off, she is amazing with our kids and the kids at Cleveland Elementary,” said Neisha Purce, one of the organizers of the day. “Most police officers have a mystique about them, making the kids sometimes scared of them, but, because of her big heart and love for the kids, she comes across as personable and easily approached.”

Coinciding with March 1, the beginning of Women’s History Month, it was also an opportunity to show girls that women can be great in any job, especially as a police officer.

“My hope was that she felt loved,” said Purce. “Police officers are getting a bad reputation these days, and I hope our presentation to her showed her how grateful we are to have her and that she is doing an outstanding job!”

The school decorated her office with streamers and balloons, circulated cards to sign, bought her a bouquet of her favorite flowers, and also bought her lunch from her favorite Mexican restaurant.

During the morning announcements, Purce announced to the school that it was “National Officer Gonzalez Day” and asked the students to show their appreciation when they saw her. Some teachers went a step further and had their students create individual cards for her. At the end of the day she was grateful, humble, and on the verge of tears.