McIntosh seeks nominations for Hall of Fame

The 2022 Hall of Fame individual inductees (L-R): Bilal Duckett (Class of 2007; soccer); Gabby Seiler Kessler (Class of 2013; soccer, basketball, cross country); Patricia Carman (Longtime faculty 1993-2017; Distinguished Alumna); Morgan Kidd Milani (Class of 2008; softballl); and Jordan Lyons (Class of 2016; basketball) The 1997 AAAA state championship wrestling team was also honored. Seated front: Chasity Mundy Manning, Michelle Kalenza Albea. Kneeling: Markus Laumann, Ryan Beckett, Alan Kan, Kevin Federico. Standing: Justin Felmet, Duncan Mike Munn, David Komaee, Rusty Kalenza, Trenton Amey, Coach Marty Hutsell, Jason Fowler, Joe Hutsell, Lucas Hilt, Mohammad Komaee, Joshua Rickards, Matt Waters

After celebrating five stellar former Chiefs athletes and distinguished alumni, along with an impressive team of former champion wrestlers, at last year’s Hall of Fame, McIntosh High School is seeking nominations for the Class of 2023.

In addition to the Class of 2023 inductees, the 1998 McIntosh girls cross country state championship team will be honored.

The deadline is March 22, 2023, and the nomination form and specific eligibility requirements can be found at

Individuals can be nominated for either athletic achievements or as a Distinguished Alumni, which includes longtime faculty. Nominees in either category must be at least five years post graduation or employment from MHS.

Nominees are evaluated on the body of their work, so it is strongly recommended to have more time since MHS graduation or departure. Once a nomination has been submitted, it will be retained on file in perpetuity.