Fayette County announces new recycling rules


No more recycling of plastics and paper and no more sorting — 

Fayette County and Amwaste, the Transfer Station operator, have announced a new recycling and repurposing program that has new rules listed below.

Under the new program, Amwaste will divert 20 tons of municipal solid waste per month to the RePower South facility in Montgomery, AL as a credit to the County Transfer Station. 

This change in procedure will help the county surpass the monthly weight of materials traditionally collected for recycling at the Transfer Station and allows the waste material to be used in a manner supported by current market conditions.

RePower South transforms waste material into two products: recycled commodities and fuel. Materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, and metal cans are sorted, baled, and sold back to the marketplace. Fuel (ReEFTM) is created from non-recyclable papers and plastics and is sold as a substitute for coal for energy generation.

This recycling and repurposing program is done at no cost to Fayette County or its residents. It also eliminates the need for sorting recyclable material at Transfer Station.

Under the program, starting March 1, 2023, the following materials will be accepted for traditional recycling at the Transfer Station:

• Residential clean cardboard will continue to be collected for recycling at no cost to Fayette County citizens. Cardboard contaminated with food (e.g., pizza boxes), attached to other materials such as Styrofoam or wood, or mixed with other waste material will not be accepted.

Cardboard recycling is limited to residents of Fayette County with cardboard materials generated at their homes. Cardboard from businesses, churches, nonprofits, commercial vehicles, or otherwise collected outside a home will not be accepted for recycling.

• Metals will continue to be collected for recycling in the metal staging area.

Plastics and paper will no longer be accepted as recyclables. They may be disposed of with other solid waste at the standard fee.

“Fayette County is committed to finding environmentally sustainable solutions for waste management. We will continue to monitor our region’s demand for recycling and look for new opportunities to recycle at a local level,” according to a county news release.

To learn more about RePower visit their website. Contact the county at publicworks@fayettecountyga.gov with questions or comments.