Kedron kids keep Little Red Riding Hood safe


The Big Bad Wolf is on the prowl, but luckily for Little Red Riding Hood, her friends at Kedron Elementary are studying fun ways to help keep her safe.

For their fairy tale unit, 1st grade enrichment students read “Little Red Riding Hood” and discussed the problems she faced and the solutions she came up with. The class decided to see how they could help by building the tallest tower possible so she could look over the forest to make sure she didn’t see the Big Bad Wolf before she went to Grandma’s house. They could use only spaghetti, marshmallows, and masking tape to craft their creations.

To keep the fun going, they moved on to a “twisted fairy tale” and a version of the famous story from the wolf’s perspective, “Little Red Riding Hood is Rotten.” Using cardboard tubes, cups, cardboard, paper, and tape, the kids made ears that are “better to hear you with” and talked about whether bigger ears hear better.