Oak Grove studies holidays around the world

“Holidays Around the World” helped Oak Grove Elem. 4th graders in EIP and ESOL classes study how countries celebrate in different ways.

Oak Grove Elementary students love learning about the world around them, and “Holidays Around the World” helped some 4th graders get to know the celebrations of other cultures.

Students in Brooke Fuller’s EIP class and Brittan Parker’s ESOL class teamed up to study different countries. Fuller and Parker gathered materials on the many ways holidays are celebrated around the world, then students read about the different countries using question cards to guide their discussions. After each country they studied, they were able to put the country’s flag in their passport book.

They also integrated social studies into the readings by looking at a map to see where the countries are, and as a follow-up they did a compare and contrast writing on their two favorite countries.

“It is our hope that the students have a greater understanding of how countries celebrate the holidays. In addition, we wanted students to develop into better writers by using text evidence in their writings,” said Fuller. “We want our students to take their passports home and have discussions with their families about how they celebrate the holidays and how it is similar and different from the way that other countries celebrate.”