North Fayette pre-k thanks 911 workers

North Fayette Elementary pre-k students made goody bags filled with calming items for the staff at Fayette County 911.

There are many unsung heroes who help keep our community safe, and North Fayette Elementary students recently gave back to Fayette County 911.

Pre-k teacher Clara Rogers and assistant Dehavlyn West helped their students say thank you with goody bags. As the class studied community helpers, they touched on how 911 works and the importance of the system. While everyone thinks about first responders aiding in emergencies, it is easy to forget they cannot respond without 911.

Thinking about how stressful their job is, the class decided to make goody bags filled with calming items. Between the children creating and selling pet rocks to other students and vowing to walk or jog for 30 minutes in a Turkey Trot at the school, they raised more than $500 for the project.

Fayette County 911 administrators asked them to focus on staff, so they made up 24 goody bags. Half of them were filled with puzzle books and pens, and the other half had adult coloring books and color pencils. They added candies, and the children also created thank you cards. To spruce up a lonely plant stand in the office, they purchased three plants for them, as well.

“It’s always great for children to learn about giving to others,” said Rogers. “Even at the pre-k grade level, my personal hope is that my assistant and I are planting seeds, and, as the children grow, they will be more aware and understanding of the importance of giving back to our community.”