A comparison to Frank Destadio is a compliment


For me, Clint Holland is the best choice in the Peachtree City run-off election which has Clint Holland facing off against Phil Crane. They finished first and second, respectively in the General Election.

That fact speaks volumes about what the citizens want, since they were the most conservative candidates on the November ballot. Both candidates are intelligent, well educated, highly principled, good men. We are lucky to have two very qualified candidates to choose from in this election.

Personally, I support Clint Holland for a few reasons. Phil Crane is more open to building “business lofts,” apartments and higher density housing. The only people who will benefit from that are the owners and developers who will be long gone from Peachtree City when the added population negatively affects traffic, schools, over-crowding, crime, etc.

There isn’t a positive benefit to the people who already live here, especially if you moved here for the same reasons I did.

When supporters of Phil Crane try to criticize Clint Holland by comparing him to Councilman Frank Destadio, they miss the mark. To me, saying Clint Holland is just like Councilman Frank Destadio is a compliment, since Councilman Destadio has been the member of our City Council who listens to the citizens of Peachtree City. We need more Council members just like Frank Destadio, and that would be Clint Holland.  

We need to elect Council members who are on track with the award winning ideas and plans that made Peachtree City a “top-tier community”. We can’t stop Coweta County and Fayette County from building right up to our city limit, but we can stop over-development and urbanization inside Peachtree City by putting people on the City Council who will take a firm stance against such development and zoning requests.

That’s why the City Council run-off election is extremely important to the preservation of our city. Every vote matters.

If you agree that keeping Peachtree City from being “urbanized” is important, I hope you will join me in voting for Clint Holland.

Suzanne Brown

Peachtree City, Ga.