Vote locally based on facts, not labels or party


I gave a leadership lecture to a few Georgia State University Andrew Young School classes recently. I told them that I thought all local elections should be non-partisan. As former Chair of a Georgia County Commission, I advocated for non-partisan local elections…and got the support of all 5 commissioners, Democrats and Republicans.

Why? Because there is no Democrat or Republican way to pave a street. The students laughed, but they knew that it is true.

More Americans are independents versus party stalwarts. I have been both an active Republican years ago and an active Democrat now. But I think it’s a good thing that most people are not lock step voters … especially on the local level.

There is a local election coming up for the Peachtree City Council. Before you vote, look at the issues that are important to you, not party affiliations, conservative/liberal labels and other irrelevant criteria.

Here’s what is important to me — a. preserving our PTC high quality of life, b. having a diverse population where everyone gets along (including Council members), c. keeping crime rates low, d. controlling future multifamily residential growth, e. adding entertainment venues and activities within each village and f. reducing existing traffic congestion.

Decide what issues matter to you in Peachtree City, then get out and vote.

Jack Bernard

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. We need a council composed of different generations. A person who grew up in PTC & has an appreciation of its history is much needed. We need to invest in the past & future.
    Crane would offer those qualities.