Eagles use NESTs to grow family


Inman Elementary has adopted a new house system, and the Eagles have been sorted into NESTs to grow together.

Each student, every last Eagle from kindergarten through 5th grade, was sorted into a NEST, and they found out which one by opening their very own golden egg. All six NESTs are named after a foreign language’s word for “eagle,” and they each have their own unique color and shield, along with trademark qualities.

Being a part of a NEST provides students with a purpose, builds culture in the school, and makes school more exciting with a little friendly competition. Within their NEST, students will have monthly house meetings where they will build relationships, complete buddy activities, work on school projects, and more fun activities.

Throughout the school day, students have the opportunity to earn points for their NEST, and, at the end of each week, points will be totaled to determine which NEST is in the lead. Students and staff will also compete in NEST Challenge days to earn points as a team. At the end of the year there will be a celebration for the winning NEST!

NEST points are school-wide and awarded for good behavior, and students earn them by being Ready, Respectful, and Responsible, key PBIS values at Inman.