Peachtree City backs off most speed bumps on cart paths

Two speed bumps within 10 yards of each other near Battery Park. If either remains, it will be replaced by a split bump. Photo/The Citizen.
Two speed bumps within 10 yards of each other near Battery Park. If either remains, it will be replaced by a split bump. Photo/The Citizen.

70% to be removed, 8 modified bumps will stay on cart paths — 

In response to sustained public complaints, the Peachtree City Council Friday backed off the city’s 4-month move to make sections of the 100-plus miles of cart paths way more bumpy in order to cause speeding golf carts to slow down.

Eight of the bumps will be re-installed with modifications to make path life easier for bicycle riders, wheelchair users and pedestrians in general.

Here’s the white flag letter from Interim City Manager Bernie McMullen released Friday afternoon:

Friday, August 5, 2022

Re: Speed Bumps

Dear Peachtree City Residents,

On July 15, 2022, the Mayor and Council released a statement pertaining to the speed bumps on the multi-use path system along Lake Peachtree.

As stated in the letter, staff was directed to reevaluate the speed bumps along the lake and make any potential adjustments to the speed bumps as deemed necessary.

After careful review and consideration of visibility, grade, high traffic areas, and accessibility, it has been determined that eight (8) out of the twenty-six (26) speed bump locations will remain.

Additionally, while the multi-use path system does not require ADA compliance, the remaining 8 speed bump locations will be reconfigured with a gap width, to allow for wheelchair, pedestrian, and bicycle usage.

The gap width was determined by the ADA requirement for a doorway which is 32 inches wide.

This width dimension still requires golf carts to slow down since the width of most golf carts varies from 47 inches to 53 inches. The path width itself at one of these locations will need to be widened for uniformity with the other locations and to accommodate this gap requirement.

The removal process will begin immediately. We ask all residents to please be patient as the aforementioned changes are implemented.


Bernard J. McMullen

Interim City Manager

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Here’s what bothers me:
    1. There was no apology or ownership from Mike King about his part in trying to “keep this quiet”, as he said in the text to Caola.
    2. There was no apology from Caola or her husband about treating citizens the way they did, as captured on the cell phone video, claiming to “get off, this is private property”
    3. There’s no explanation as to how Caola’s were allowed to connect to a city cart path – their new driveway butts right up against the path.
    4. Kim Learnard seemed dismissive, bossy, and somewhat pompous when she declared “you can say we have saved the paths” at the beginning of the meeting.
    5. Still no explanation as to why speed bumps were placed on a low-use path by Caola’s house.

    My opinion – this council has done nothing to earn back the trust they lost on this. All of them. There’s zero remorse for trying to sneak something through, or for trying to use the city staff to further an agenda that only serves to benefit themselves. I think all these fools need to be voted out as soon as possible. Most of all, I was really embarrased by Learnard’s attitude at the start. It was very much a “we fixed it, i’m sick of hearing about it, take your d@$n signs down” attitude. Not the attitude of someone who is serving the public.

  2. I’m glad some of the excessive bumps are being removed. They were truly diminishing the magic of PTC. If tax payer money was used for the installation and removal, that is a shame. I think an open forum to begin with would revealed very clearly, the fact that many voters would not appreciate the speedbumps to begin with.